Sunday, 25 April 2021

Freedom Demonstration 2021

Wholeness and Good Vibrations.
Imagine your highest manifestation.
The time has come to unite as one through this demonstration.
Humanity interconnected, the real purpose for globalisation.
We are all here across many nations.
ENGAGE AND ACTIVATE your imagination.
It's time to throw out normal and create our own realizations.

Don't listen to the sound of control based brainwashed people's fear.
We are not here to be insincere.
But to activate your mind with cheer.
For this is the year!
The year to end all lies and fears.

Resist normal and dream big.
We don't consent because we know this system is rigged. 
We have love, each other, and enterprise.
We have the power to peacefully stand up against them, to their surprise.
The people built this system and we can do it again now we have realised.
Its time to execute our right to peacefully protest against their limits on our lives.

Inside us all is the power to build castles from the sands of their crumbled tyranny.
If we simply say NO MORE to these abnormal rules playing only the elites version of normality.
We will make our own rules! Based on values of trust, trade and community.
Set away from their system of elitist immunity.
We will hold them accountable for the harm they have caused humanity.
 And turn our backs on their system of subtle abuse and uncertainty.
We will Exit. Build. Set up Meaningful integrated communities. 
For we the people are the beauty of humanity.

Remember the days where we all worked together?
Grew food in commnual places, integrated our lives in shared spaces, accepted our differences with humble airs and graces, mingled across garden fences and took each other places?
When we all lived by Natural Law and had huge smiles across our faces?

We can have this again if we RISE UP and say;
YES to being free.
YES to humanity.
YES to personal responsibility
YES to owning a sense of integrity.

They cannot touch our right to bodily autonomy.
They shall not take away our right to feed our family.
They will never take away the Devine rights that belong to thee. 
We will not let them take our inalienable rights from me!
We are all sovereign, even you and me.
We are all in this together, undivided, collectively.
For we, The People, are the beauty of humanity.

We do not want to fight.
But what you are subjecting us to is not right.
We have read the reports and heard the evidence you try to censor out of sight.
Your deception ends tonight!
As we the people step into the light.
We know our rights.
Hand on our hearts, we look inside, activate our foresight.
Breathe in with all our might. 
Breath out and smile as we all freely recite:

NO to New Normal. 
We will not let you Keep us that small. 
We choose something better than normal, something truly phenomenal. 
Dream big, speak up, communicate with your people, build beautiful mind cathedrals with abundance at the top of your steeple.
Choose agora, permaculture, sustain your own resources, learn low impact living and how to protect our water courses. Let's take back the air that we breathe and how we teach our children, swap lazy convenience commercial monopoly for a more ethical solution . Support local businesses, bring back trade and barter, protect our family values, make sure the elderly are looked after. Live by Natural Law where our ways will do no harm to how we Thrive. It's not enough to live to just barely survive.

We deserve wholeness and Good Vibrations.
Bringing into life from WE THE PEOPLES imaginations.
Do not let inaction be the weapon of human rights destruction.
Come together to peacefully win this fight against the systems condemnation.
Unite! As free human beings in activation.
We know our rights!
We are free, is our manifestation.
We are free.
We are free.
We are free.

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