Sunday, 25 April 2021

Freedom Demonstration 2021

Wholeness and Good Vibrations.
Imagine your highest manifestation.
The time has come to unite as one through this demonstration.
Humanity interconnected, the real purpose for globalisation.
We are all here across many nations.
ENGAGE AND ACTIVATE your imagination.
It's time to throw out normal and create our own realizations.

Don't listen to the sound of control based brainwashed people's fear.
We are not here to be insincere.
But to activate your mind with cheer.
For this is the year!
The year to end all lies and fears.

Resist normal and dream big.
We don't consent because we know this system is rigged. 
We have love, each other, and enterprise.
We have the power to peacefully stand up against them, to their surprise.
The people built this system and we can do it again now we have realised.
Its time to execute our right to peacefully protest against their limits on our lives.

Inside us all is the power to build castles from the sands of their crumbled tyranny.
If we simply say NO MORE to these abnormal rules playing only the elites version of normality.
We will make our own rules! Based on values of trust, trade and community.
Set away from their system of elitist immunity.
We will hold them accountable for the harm they have caused humanity.
 And turn our backs on their system of subtle abuse and uncertainty.
We will Exit. Build. Set up Meaningful integrated communities. 
For we the people are the beauty of humanity.

Remember the days where we all worked together?
Grew food in commnual places, integrated our lives in shared spaces, accepted our differences with humble airs and graces, mingled across garden fences and took each other places?
When we all lived by Natural Law and had huge smiles across our faces?

We can have this again if we RISE UP and say;
YES to being free.
YES to humanity.
YES to personal responsibility
YES to owning a sense of integrity.

They cannot touch our right to bodily autonomy.
They shall not take away our right to feed our family.
They will never take away the Devine rights that belong to thee. 
We will not let them take our inalienable rights from me!
We are all sovereign, even you and me.
We are all in this together, undivided, collectively.
For we, The People, are the beauty of humanity.

We do not want to fight.
But what you are subjecting us to is not right.
We have read the reports and heard the evidence you try to censor out of sight.
Your deception ends tonight!
As we the people step into the light.
We know our rights.
Hand on our hearts, we look inside, activate our foresight.
Breathe in with all our might. 
Breath out and smile as we all freely recite:

NO to New Normal. 
We will not let you Keep us that small. 
We choose something better than normal, something truly phenomenal. 
Dream big, speak up, communicate with your people, build beautiful mind cathedrals with abundance at the top of your steeple.
Choose agora, permaculture, sustain your own resources, learn low impact living and how to protect our water courses. Let's take back the air that we breathe and how we teach our children, swap lazy convenience commercial monopoly for a more ethical solution . Support local businesses, bring back trade and barter, protect our family values, make sure the elderly are looked after. Live by Natural Law where our ways will do no harm to how we Thrive. It's not enough to live to just barely survive.

We deserve wholeness and Good Vibrations.
Bringing into life from WE THE PEOPLES imaginations.
Do not let inaction be the weapon of human rights destruction.
Come together to peacefully win this fight against the systems condemnation.
Unite! As free human beings in activation.
We know our rights!
We are free, is our manifestation.
We are free.
We are free.
We are free.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Activate for a Greater Reset

As events on 3D Earth continue to accelerate their bizarre cascade toward being completely upside down and as more and more propoganda paralyses the good citizens of the UK into inaction, here at MJK HQ we have decided to share intellectual alternative news, research and media offerings that can help make sense of the nonsense. 

The dangerous tensions that are building are not just between Right and Left. That’s a convenient distraction, aimed at the simplicity of divide and conquer.  For while we still continue to fight about skin colour, religion, gender and politics, we are missing the bigger picture. 

This is a fight for control of the planet and our consent as free, empowered  beautiful beings to become enslaved to a tyrannical system. This is between the collectivist, deep-state globalists and those of us who want to exorcise our right to live free of coercion. 

These realizations (or awakening) shake us out from our micro view personal expereinces, of our echo chambers and perhaps our comfort zones, to analyse if our belief system and understanding of the society we live in is realistic or fantastical. We move from our personal perspective to ponder the macro view, the external big picture, where the insane and scary details of this government tyranny actually fits in a coherent, though ugly, pattern. 

As disheartening as it can be, as hard as these discussions are at times, with open hearts we can learn and innerstand there is light at the end of the rabbit hole. People everywhere are waking up and joining together to take action.

The time is now to get organised, to collectively take peaceful action and to resist being coerced into giving away our rights.
All of the sharing of joint and independent content is coming from our heart centre and focused from love. 
Demonstrating our commitment to protecting freedom of speech and the sharing of uncensored information. We all have the right to be able to make informed choices to protect our livlihoods, our right to travel and our body autonomy, as are our inalienable rights.
Its time to build a new way of life, in alignment with the values of how we really want to thrive.
If you need to understand the fraud and tyranny of what is going on, if you are still awakening to the raw and uncomfortable truth of how despicable this scamdemic is, then watch this hours summary.  'The New Normal'  is collated and researched by a collective of reputable and independent journalists. It's This documentary investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution/AI. .

There are distressing scenes of police brutality and infringement of people's rights to be constitutionally protected from harm in this film. These scenes may be painful to watch. We were deeply moved by them yet it called us to action. Please watch in a safe space.

However this film offers an important description of what’s really at stake and how we can recognize the very risky realm where convenience and control intersect.

Once you've got your head around that, you probably want a lovely cup of tea, a breather and a little sit down. Once you've gathered your thoughts and want to move in towards solutions...consider this....

Do not despair!

Hope is a hand shake away. 
There is more fertility, abundance and excitement in the world than you will see on mainstream media. 

We will be continuing to post the truth here and signpost you to good news, proactive action and friends and allies who want to stand up for their rights to live as a free human being.

Join! The RESIST MOVEMENT. Be brave. 
Be among good people. 
Be free.
The whole world is being called to action. The time is now! It's in no way just us, or just a small group of people. There is action on a global scale! There is global resistance! 

Good news is out there if you look in the right places (away from Google browser control and YouTube anti free speech terms of use) 

For example...
50,000 professors, lawyers, medics, scientists have all joined to create the World Freedom Alliance. Educating GPs, politicians & the public on an international basis of the real data & dangers of this scamdemic.

This week - Over 50,000 businesses in Italy have created the campaign 'I am open' going against lock down in an act of collective peaceful civil disobedience to retain thier income & societal structures. They are supported by an Italian MP who said "open up, don't worry, in the end we will make them eat their fines." This follows Mexico doing the same succesfully, on Jan 12th and variants across Poland, and a part of Switzerland.

People are coming together and getting organised.


Here is the first of the films we wish to share with a solutions focus. Its by James Corbett (award winning journalist). He discusses 2 main programmes you can join MJK in being part of:
1) The Freedom Cells network. A resource for connecting you to like minded people who want to get organised & create a new way of living. 

2) An event being streamed THIS week which has a plethora of very interesting talks on how we can create a new way of living that's ethical, private & retains our human rights.
Most of the talks will be reshared after the event too.

The Greater Reset believes...

So do we. 

More great news will follow in subsequent posts.

Thanks to for content I've adapted and shared in part, in this blog. 

Sunday, 10 January 2021

The Truth WONT kill you (but it might save your life)

I have spent a lot of time pondering how to reach out to my loved ones and pass on information that i believe is being hidden from those in the UK.

Yes. It's about Covid.
Yes. It's about the vaccine.
Please, before you stop reading, engage your critical amazing powerful brain and hold the connection you and I have in your heart , and please read on

Give me a little of your time.

Or skip my words and simply press play on the short film link. I implore you. You have a human right to be properly informed before you make decisions about injecting anything into your body.

I have spent months seeking out numerous sources of info and validating their sources, their funders and efficacy and cross referencing until a correlation of truth can be found.

I'm not alone. More academic, more intelligent, more established viewer based people than I, also do this. And I'm lucky enough that I am connected to those with more integrity and gravitus than I, who share their findings. Actual experts. 

I am a realist. 
A syncronist.
A free sovereign being.
I listen to those who know better.

I care about you and the other beings on this Earth. 
I've spent so much time in the past week coming to a fearful place for those I love. I had to write this blog to you all.

I am scared I will lose people. Those who will take the vaccine because they believe in the propaganda spilling out of the black square hypnotist in the corner of every front room.

Yet I am compelled to beg you all to consider the professional integrity of everyone in this short film. And the testiments they make in an effort to bring you the right information about the vaccine, so you can make an informed choice about your own health. I beg you. For every moment I have been unable to spend time with you lately, for every gathering I may have missed, for every phone or video call I've missed coz of crap signal, please swap that time for this film. Even if you watch it for me, it's just 30 minutes of your day. They are the experts, after all.
Thank you. I love you.

Made by international doctors and medical and other  professionals who want YOU to know that the vaccine is not safe, not ethical and WILL HARM YOU. 

Don't take it from me. Please listen to them. 

The UK News is brainwashing you.
For instance...
Are you aware of the Great Barrington Declaration signed by over 50,000 medical & public health scientists and medical practitioners?

No? Ask why....

Do you know that thousands of associations of concerned doctors, nurses are standing out and sharing their truths such as the World Doctors Alliance with over 55,000 signees who are being hounded or worse, sacked, for speaking their MEDICAL TRUTH.

No? Ask why...

Do you know that The Gates Foundation fund the health department of the BBC News?

No? Ask why...

Are you aware that the WHO (work height org) has been infiltrated by numerous convicted criminals for crimes against humanity (look it up!) Who sit in high positions such as CEO...Chief medical advisor? All paid by...The Gates Foundation.

No? Ask why...

Please. You may be locked indoors. But don't lock your beautiful inquisitive mind!

Activate your critical mind to this situation.
Engage your heart.

It's not too late to change your mind. Demand more research if you are pro-vaccine. Look at the animal testing results.

And consider...

If it's so safe and effective; why has all medical liability been waivered and any matter of recourse been prevented?


The video you juat watched has been banned by mainstream social media channels!

Ask yourself why when these people are MORE QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED than our leaders, the politicians, the corporate companies creating data analysis and the news chiefs.

The truth is being withheld from you UK! 

The UK is the first country testing the vaccine across it's population. Initiating complete control of the media to scare you into thinking this PLANDEMIC is real and that you need a vaccine.

But you don't. Vitamin D. Simple.

And if you are still asking but what about all the deaths? 

No higher than this time of year EXCEPT all infection, respiratory and seasonal illnesses have been reclassified as... Covid19.

So it's all data manipulation to scare you into submission. 

The really horrendous thing is...

The vaccine could kill you. 
Give you an auto immune disease.
Make you infertile.
Change your DNA.
Make you immune deficient.

So please. Consider this information. Protect your health. Stay away from this dangerous injection. 
I will be. And I will advising everyone I love to do the same.

I can't live in fear any more. 
I have passed on as much as I can right now. Between tears. Between cuddles. Between furious finger stabbing my screen.

I hope we all make it through this.
Thanks for reading and watching.
I love you. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Yeah! What tea says.

I am a big fan of the Yogi Tea Brand.

Not only does it come in so many delicious flavours, some blends specifically help with issues such as sleepiness, immune system boost, relaxation and revitalization.

They certainly have helped me with all above at times.

This is not an advert. I'm just mad about Yogi tea! It freaking speaks to me. I swear!

Plus it's the best tea for flavour & I haven't found anything that matches it across those flavours.

The product is organic and you can usually get two cups from one bag. 

Check out their website and find yourself a local supplier!
Yogi Tea Home Page

What I love so much about Yogi Tea is every single bag comes with an individual message on a cute little red label. We keep them all in a jar and sometimes when the moment is required we use the jar like a lucky dip, like a tarot card or fotune reading if you will. Its a nice way to get a perk of inspiration for the day.

Recently i have felt like each tag on the bag speaks to me through some divine intervention...

A few weeks back I woke at 3am and as I decided NOT to open my laptop and do some work, I glanced at my previously sipped bedtime tea bag which said 'Love your soul'. 

I pondered the instruction & then agreed. 
So I went back to bed and with this thought in mind (and after finishing a £100 winning crossword puzzle) I drifted off into a beautiful replenishing sleep.

It also inspired me to keep my blog readers updated on how the tea speaks to me. Thats is, If i have any readers left after such a long gap in my postings!

I confess I've been writing for another blog space I'm developing with my partner for our travel and campervan adventures.

See what's been posted here (now THATS a shameless plug ha ha ha) 

Anyways back to beautiful tea.
The messages on Yogi tea are so beautiful. So simple. So true.

After keeping hundreds and using them for plunge moments of inspiration we wondered what we do with them as we moved abroad to Portugal.

It seemed ridiculous to pack them when space, function, necessity & basic needs were high on the list of essentials.

Until the day we made our majical travel jar of talismans & trinkets to keep us safe & invisible as we departed the UK & drove thru Spain to Portugal.

We added the beautiful Yogi tea messages into our jar & sprinkled them with majic. Imbibing their majic messages of conscious love and understanding into our protection and travel magic for a efficient and effective journey.

And that's exactly what we got.
And now we have our beautiful jar in our temporary caravan home. Continuing to emanate good vibes and keeping us protected and spiralling towards ever more madjakall experiences.

Or so the tea told us so.