Friday, 2 August 2019


Play this while reading…

We all have those songs that we like yet we hear the lyrics wrong…
and we spend a while (or a lifetime) singing the wrong lyrics to ourselves. Even when the correct lyric is either patronisingly or smugly told to us. No matter how much we know what the lyrics are, we cant stop hearing it the other way. Often we don’t want to! 

We all have those experiences. Yet some mis-interpretations have to go down in history. 
Categorised as either hilarious, ridiculous, or brilliant. This is epic.
Epic creates a whole new world of meaning.

And I have one. Its going to be the new way to describe something bloody fantasic. Great. Superb. Right up there. Its gonna be big, you’ll love it.

Remember that song by Tori Amos? Nah me neither…im constantly looking up who it is, regardless of how long ive been experiencing this adventure. And constantly referring to it as Alanis  Morrisset! Which I am sure has now caused offence to many in many ways. Hahaha

It wasn’t that big a hit in my world when it came out. Until Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' made an awesome remix of it in 1996. This went on to be further mixed up into some brilliant DJ nights out in the south east of England. We all became part of that fabulous new sound.

The lyrics, as best as I could discern from this banger of the 1990’s, were odd but catchy as hell with the repeat funky melody rhythm and groovy bass.

“I’m gonna bring you close to my…, I’m gonna bring you close to my lips yeah.”

“I’m gonna bring you close to my…, I’m gonna bring you close to my lips yeah. Scabby cake. Scabby cake.”

And on with the funky beat. Strange lyrics. That was about the only lyric. Apart from some lilting softer lyrics fading in and out during a interlude to crescendo moment of the track.

I often wondered…why? Why would you want the scabby cake close to your lips? Isn’t that gross and well…scabby? But still I danced on. Singing to my hearts content about scabby cake. Coz I liked the tune. We all did. We all danced. Smiled. Had a big ole time. Fond memories.

Eventually in the face of many correctionists and shortly after the internet was born and I began being that old, it was pointed out to me and confirmed that the lyrics were in fact ‘its got to be big.’

So now, that’s what scabby cake means to me, its got to be big (great).

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