Saturday, 30 December 2017

Phoenix Rising 2018

It all started with a kiss,
Ridiculous instigated game from inebriated bliss,
Nothing sinister, nothing insane,
Just a bunch of consenting pals, playing a game.

Except it was unpicked in hindsight, unpicked in fear,
That not all the kisses were friendly that new year,
In one particular couple it caused a fracture so sharp,
That the end bells tolled and cupid threw down his harp.

A mutual uncoupling became a one sided game of distaste,
With outrage and pain thrown all over the place,
The rewriting of good times, the dismember of truth,
Blew all the great memories like soot through the roof.

Dusty and dark, black pointless grains,
Scattered over the story of a love lost with no gain,
The subject of personal generosity became the name of the blame,
The last pieces of our life viewed through distorted broken glass pain.

Yet out of the bottomless pit of the self doubt that it caused,
Came a phoenix rising, climbing through the glass with blue claws,
Breathing fire so fierce to burn a way out,
And finally found the strength needed to get out.

You will not break me, I am free to fly!
I loved you as best as I could before I laid down to die,
Who I was through your eyes diminished me and made me cry,
I have nothing left to give you, yet I can promise I tried.

It took months of soaring upon my wings alone,
To see the truth and find my way home,
And now its over I have found something divine.
I have found myself. My spirit is mine.

I can shine so bright, without any fight,
I can twist and turn while grounded and during flight,
I have given more than I ever received,
I will no longer fool myself or by the games of others never again be deceived.

2017 you were a shit storm of a year,
But I learned so much, that I no longer fear,
Of what is coming ahead or what I have left behind,
Only the truth of my generosity now lives in my mind.

I wish you farewell, with the very last I have left,
To look back without heartbreak, no longer bereft,
And take what I want into the next chapter I’ve seen,
And bring all of my awesome into 2018.