Thursday, 20 July 2017

Writing is right in for me

I’m on a mission to raise my online profile.
So that I can acquire me a paying position where I write about a current condition.
Or the predicament of my latest disposition.
Or my adventures and disasters brought about by my own volition.

Whatever the subject I will be happy to describe, as a writer and author or even a scribe.

Why should I write for you?
What is it exactly that I do?

Well I have eyes and ears and a taste for all things new.
There isn’t that much that I wont do.
I come from a belief to try everything once and always be true to you
and of course if you ‘Just Ask’ nicely you will see what I can do for you....

A bit about me:

I am an undercover 41 year old with an adventurous soul and more energy than I can safely channel in one earth day. I love to travel, meet people, be creative, manage projects, go to festivals, drive the coast, rave on the dancefloor and chill on beaches. But mostly I like to write it all down from my quirky, sparkly perspective.

I love to experience and critique mostly food, ale, gin and wines but most definitely also beaches, drag acts, soft furnishings, shoes, adrenaline activities and things that make you go Mmmmmmmm. (WOW that last sentence sounds like a perfect weekend!)

I launched this blog in 2009. The main platform for my published work as well as the link through to all my freelance reviews, interviews, social media and photography work, including reviews for online festival company: 

My day job in the public sector, carried out successfully for over 14 years, has honed a valuable set of skills: public speaking, negotiation, preparation, innovation, creativity, the power of the honest blag and the belief that communication and OCD organising are the staple of an efficient and exciting approach to life.

A multi tasking legend, I also manage an eclectic creative business, exposing me to sensational experiences such as my membership to an installation crew at Glastonbury, working with local theatre groups and performance artists and charging about locally with my bespoke photobooth.

I am passionate about protecting the environment, ethical lifestyles, daring greatly and championing the rights of minority groups. I am against animal cruelty, materialism, global division and try to contribute towards saving the world one smile at a time. Writing about adventures and experiences brings me joy, hilarity and meaning, often all at the same time.

To write is my highest truth, my absolute ambition.

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