Friday, 28 July 2017

Friendly Flip Charts

There once was a Christmas day not so far far away...
And on that day a gang of us got together for a party.

In our inebriated state of minds we decided to prepare for new year and hung large pieces of paper from the walls with different headings. The idea being we made a note of poignant topics / issues / statements that were made throughout the course of the conversations across the evening.

It was a wild night. Much was discussed. Much was disgust. Most was just gusto.

Some of these I think deserve to be MEMEs. And so i shall make it happen!

Here are the notes from what transpired throughout the evening.


  • can we be as one? We will be as one!
  • Let me be who I really want to be.
  • It would be the first time...
  • we will be as successful as we want to be!
  • Conscious Cake fame
  • Life partner and baby on the way.
  • World Peace
  • Separation (from the past) 
  • Our circle of friends grows bigger and stronger
  • Want to be amazing but don’t know how?
  • Just believe. (but don’t leave)
  • Enjoy yourself
  • To really relax
  • Stop caring what everyone else thinks – who gives a fuck?!
  • Engage in more of society
  • Danica – the knit spritzer
  • I really want to love you all. Help me to love you more
  • Just tell me and I will reflect it right back atchoo baby
  • Drink more
  • Understand an anus...


  • Not always been amazing in 2016
  • How can we make 17 as one?
  • ...when the shit goes down, look to your pals.
  • I made some mistakes, sorry. 
  • - don’t apologise to us, we all do = being human.
  • everyone thinks Morrisey is a cunt – agreed
  • I judge everyone!
  • Subjectifying difference


  • I love you and I don’t give one fuck where you end up – TRUE
  • Can we stop pretending?
  • We don’t need other people to make us happy
  • Positive relationships are relationships which are only truthful
  • There is only one thing that eventually comes back to love – even fear comes back to love in the end
  • I don’t understand me (neither do I)

And here does end that particular bend.

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