Thursday, 20 July 2017

Festival reviews for 2017

I’ve been having a wonderful time in the festival fields of 2017.

You can find my reviews here...


Eden Festival


It has to be said that this has been a year of different experiences and different expectations, different paces and many new faces.

Being single put a new slant on the build up to my festivals this year. One effect was extremely positive and empowering. I had all the time in my own world to plan, prepare, build and excite. I could do things my way and without asking too much of those who perhaps did not appreciate the responsibility of creating the exciting annual festival circuit the way I do.

However it does make you realise how nice it is to share it with someone, how helpful to have a second set of ideas, hands, driver and support. It made me appreciate how nice it had been to not always be fully responsible for everything.

But them’s the breaks. You don’t know what you have got until its gone do you?

And to be fair, the times I really needed help, I was able to ‘Just Ask’ a friend or few and then, with more hands on deck and minds to bounce off, everything soon fell into place. Which is not really enough of a reason to warrant a relationship eh? Anyway...

So this year my festival life did not feel as full on. Perhaps the pace? Perhaps the lack of stress and anxiety, although to be fair there was still some, always is with such epic deadlines to meet. But nothing near previous years of stress. The positives were new plus ones. New friends, new faces many new adventures in exciting places. All leading to memories that I will treasure forever, even through some pretty dire festival weather.

Because really truly deeply, spending time in a field with those you love best,
Listening to music and dancing until we collapse into bed,
Is absolutely my favourite thing to do while escaping real life and waiting on what life will bring next.

I have just one more festival booked in - Lost Disco, Croatia. EPIC adventure to a festival abroad which I have never done before. So bring that on in August!

Then I have no idea what the next step will be, hopefully someone might employ me...
To write in the morning, or write in the night, I really don't mind as long as they pay me right!
I'd love to do this daily and finish a book I wrote too,
Constantly day dreaming about where my next adventure will take me to.

What is life’s next big mission for Citizen Rain?

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