Friday, 28 July 2017

Friendly Flip Charts

There once was a Christmas day not so far far away...
And on that day a gang of us got together for a party.

In our inebriated state of minds we decided to prepare for new year and hung large pieces of paper from the walls with different headings. The idea being we made a note of poignant topics / issues / statements that were made throughout the course of the conversations across the evening.

It was a wild night. Much was discussed. Much was disgust. Most was just gusto.

Some of these I think deserve to be MEMEs. And so i shall make it happen!

Here are the notes from what transpired throughout the evening.


  • can we be as one? We will be as one!
  • Let me be who I really want to be.
  • It would be the first time...
  • we will be as successful as we want to be!
  • Conscious Cake fame
  • Life partner and baby on the way.
  • World Peace
  • Separation (from the past) 
  • Our circle of friends grows bigger and stronger
  • Want to be amazing but don’t know how?
  • Just believe. (but don’t leave)
  • Enjoy yourself
  • To really relax
  • Stop caring what everyone else thinks – who gives a fuck?!
  • Engage in more of society
  • Danica – the knit spritzer
  • I really want to love you all. Help me to love you more
  • Just tell me and I will reflect it right back atchoo baby
  • Drink more
  • Understand an anus...


  • Not always been amazing in 2016
  • How can we make 17 as one?
  • ...when the shit goes down, look to your pals.
  • I made some mistakes, sorry. 
  • - don’t apologise to us, we all do = being human.
  • everyone thinks Morrisey is a cunt – agreed
  • I judge everyone!
  • Subjectifying difference


  • I love you and I don’t give one fuck where you end up – TRUE
  • Can we stop pretending?
  • We don’t need other people to make us happy
  • Positive relationships are relationships which are only truthful
  • There is only one thing that eventually comes back to love – even fear comes back to love in the end
  • I don’t understand me (neither do I)

And here does end that particular bend.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Writing is right in for me

I’m on a mission to raise my online profile.
So that I can acquire me a paying position where I write about a current condition.
Or the predicament of my latest disposition.
Or my adventures and disasters brought about by my own volition.

Whatever the subject I will be happy to describe, as a writer and author or even a scribe.

Why should I write for you?
What is it exactly that I do?

Well I have eyes and ears and a taste for all things new.
There isn’t that much that I wont do.
I come from a belief to try everything once and always be true to you
and of course if you ‘Just Ask’ nicely you will see what I can do for you....

A bit about me:

I am an undercover 41 year old with an adventurous soul and more energy than I can safely channel in one earth day. I love to travel, meet people, be creative, manage projects, go to festivals, drive the coast, rave on the dancefloor and chill on beaches. But mostly I like to write it all down from my quirky, sparkly perspective.

I love to experience and critique mostly food, ale, gin and wines but most definitely also beaches, drag acts, soft furnishings, shoes, adrenaline activities and things that make you go Mmmmmmmm. (WOW that last sentence sounds like a perfect weekend!)

I launched this blog in 2009. The main platform for my published work as well as the link through to all my freelance reviews, interviews, social media and photography work, including reviews for online festival company: 

My day job in the public sector, carried out successfully for over 14 years, has honed a valuable set of skills: public speaking, negotiation, preparation, innovation, creativity, the power of the honest blag and the belief that communication and OCD organising are the staple of an efficient and exciting approach to life.

A multi tasking legend, I also manage an eclectic creative business, exposing me to sensational experiences such as my membership to an installation crew at Glastonbury, working with local theatre groups and performance artists and charging about locally with my bespoke photobooth.

I am passionate about protecting the environment, ethical lifestyles, daring greatly and championing the rights of minority groups. I am against animal cruelty, materialism, global division and try to contribute towards saving the world one smile at a time. Writing about adventures and experiences brings me joy, hilarity and meaning, often all at the same time.

To write is my highest truth, my absolute ambition.

Just Ask

What is it with the fear of not asking questions?

I've noticed it has become a common phenomenon for people to be anxious, self conscious or even fearful of asking questions. 
And yet to ask is a great show of respect. 

Just Ask! It shows that you are interested in something and that you want to know more.

Just Ask! It shows you may not understand something and instead of blundering in with your assumptions and judgements you wish to be clear, accurate and to seek clarity.

Just Ask! If you have an agreement between you and another that seems to have changed or grown awkward, asking and checking shows that you care about being fair.

Just Ask! If someone is going through something you cannot relate to, no matter how traumatic, asking them about it, WILL help. Ignoring it or making assumptions shows you cannot consider their needs first. 

Sometimes asking a question shows that YOU need a little help.
And whats wrong with that?

How can you expect people to know what you need, if you do not ask?

Remember the days before satnav? When the gender of men were regularly berated and belittled for being either fearful or too stubborn to ask for directions?

Well that fear of asking, that fear of ‘people will see I don’t know’, has spread. And now people cower, when I say, Just Ask!

Coming from a world where I am often over looked, based on peoples assumptions that I am eternally strong and cope with everything life throws at me, I have had to learn to just ask for help, support and company. When life has been too hard for me to continue alone, I Just Ask for help.

Equally I have friends who 'drop of the radar' when times are hard on them. So I have found I have to reach out to them when my 'spider sense' goes off and I just ask them how they are doing, just ask if they need help or a cuppa or for me to pop round  and help clean and tidy their space.

Just Ask! Even when I get a few nerves, I have found every single answer (I kid you not) has led to a helpful conversation at least, but mostly a beautiful bonding or worthwhile learning experience.

Are we all so ignorant in our own assumptions that we think we know it all?

All the time? That’s just ridiculous.

There is always two sides to a story.

There is always another way of doing something.

There is always something we don’t know, something we cant experience, something we cant relate to and cant understand.

The only way to engage with it is to...just ask. 

Just Ask has become a very simple life strategy for me.

It has changed my world at times, especially when I have needed help and have been too low in self belief to think I deserve understanding or help.

It has also had smaller impacts on my life. Smaller but daily impact.

For example it has prevented me from travelling in the wrong direction, causing offence, being in the wrong place at the right time or buying something that nobody wants.

It has helped open doors to beautiful friendships, amazing conversations and creative collaborations.

I could not survive most days if I wasn’t able to just ask and I certainly would not survive my travels through such a diverse and exciting world of people if I didn’t just ask at times. 

Whats the worse thing that can happen? They say no or I don't know?

And that's ok.

Yet the best thing that could happen is that you learn something, you can converse without ignorance.

You can help and be helped.

Just Ask – its simple but it works.

Festival reviews for 2017

I’ve been having a wonderful time in the festival fields of 2017.

You can find my reviews here...


Eden Festival


It has to be said that this has been a year of different experiences and different expectations, different paces and many new faces.

Being single put a new slant on the build up to my festivals this year. One effect was extremely positive and empowering. I had all the time in my own world to plan, prepare, build and excite. I could do things my way and without asking too much of those who perhaps did not appreciate the responsibility of creating the exciting annual festival circuit the way I do.

However it does make you realise how nice it is to share it with someone, how helpful to have a second set of ideas, hands, driver and support. It made me appreciate how nice it had been to not always be fully responsible for everything.

But them’s the breaks. You don’t know what you have got until its gone do you?

And to be fair, the times I really needed help, I was able to ‘Just Ask’ a friend or few and then, with more hands on deck and minds to bounce off, everything soon fell into place. Which is not really enough of a reason to warrant a relationship eh? Anyway...

So this year my festival life did not feel as full on. Perhaps the pace? Perhaps the lack of stress and anxiety, although to be fair there was still some, always is with such epic deadlines to meet. But nothing near previous years of stress. The positives were new plus ones. New friends, new faces many new adventures in exciting places. All leading to memories that I will treasure forever, even through some pretty dire festival weather.

Because really truly deeply, spending time in a field with those you love best,
Listening to music and dancing until we collapse into bed,
Is absolutely my favourite thing to do while escaping real life and waiting on what life will bring next.

I have just one more festival booked in - Lost Disco, Croatia. EPIC adventure to a festival abroad which I have never done before. So bring that on in August!

Then I have no idea what the next step will be, hopefully someone might employ me...
To write in the morning, or write in the night, I really don't mind as long as they pay me right!
I'd love to do this daily and finish a book I wrote too,
Constantly day dreaming about where my next adventure will take me to.

What is life’s next big mission for Citizen Rain?