Sunday, 7 May 2017

Rise Above

While everything is turning
The ashes from old fires still faintly burning
You still feel the daily tear of each yearning
Left with nothing but the memory of a lesson worth learning.

When nothing seems quite right nor bright
You toss and turn through every night
No sense of direction is a constant personal fight
Each final little fear that grips you with pure fright
You have nothing left to offer towards a good fight
No courage for speeding away in flight

When you’ve only been looking behind you
When your cheek is blindly turned
When you’ve searched for all your soul pieces
And consumed each lesson to be learned

Then you shall rise above to new heights
Hold your head high
Smile and know that you are free
Sniff the daisies and buttercups that grow beneath your buckled knees.

When you cease to sense the strain of turning
And live in time with here and now
When appetite to continue learning is returning
Then your heart may be healing its sorrow

When everything is balanced and the only way is up
Its time to face my own music and turn the volume up
For I am a nervous new born warrior
My battle scars as yet uncut
My future is bold and basic
My kingdom dream a meagre beach hut

I’ll see you when I find true new me and have let the old me go
To return to you a better version of all the parts you love and know
I’m off to tame my thunder and dance beneath the moon
Say thanks for all my lessons learnt and not a minute too soon

When everything is turning
I’ll become a spiral too
And flow and spin through every moment
Send out wishes to all of you
Shouting “I’ve made it, I’ve made it!”
I’ve got through thick and thin.
Today’s is the beginning of time
Let the chapter begin

I loved you so much

I loved you so much but how did you steal me from myself?
Floki, Vikings, TV series 2016-2017