Saturday, 1 April 2017

Angelic Reiki

So I'm at the end of day one of a long but meaningful two day Angelic Reiki course and I'm totally blown away.
Spiritual, emotional, physical shifts in my awareness & universal power already. I can feel it's still working on me. I've learnt so much about my life's jny, the why's, the learning, the points I've slooooowly but surely been working towards. Like a wise old turtle.
I've seen what my next opportunities can be & discovered my core life purpose.
I met many archangels, discovered who my guardian healer archangel is & met my whole enlightened 'healing team'... and there's fucking loads of them!
From ancient mythical beings, to fairies,  loved ones & animals. It's been an utterly whole new level of self discovery from right back to some of my childhood behaviours linked to my archangel constantly guiding & supporting me. To recent near misses or close escapes I've even remarked 'something is watching over me.' Actual memories I've assumed were me being weird or coping with the trauma around me, all linking to my future destiny & building my power. Incredible.
I knew this course was what I needed to do for me. I knew it would help heal & shift my current conscious distress & disordered thinking. I never expected it to mean so much, shift so much, heal so much, to discover so much & ultimately realise my true potential so immediately, that my whole view on the rest of my life's purpose has already changed.
BOOM. Just like that.
I got to practice my skills & experience the true healing power of 100% unconditional love.
I am humbled by the privilege of working at such an amazing spiritual level with such pure & ascended masters.
I know many people will roll their eyes & remark what a load of pish hippy mumbo jumbo. That's OK. Just keep watching.
Because Citizen Rain is about to explode into yet another version of herself. My purpose is clear, my heart is true. Follow my light & watch what I can do.
Love you all.
Especially the non believers.

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