Saturday, 21 January 2017

Pride not Prejudice call for supporters

Its 2017 people and it is time to RISE!!!!!

Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone for replying to my original request for support in taking part in the ‘diversity’ section of the Big Burns Supper (BBS) parade at such short notice.

We have proudly joined forces with the Pride not Prejudice campaign as both this local meaningful campaign and many of the services that support diversity across Dumfries and Galloway share the same values...

Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Human Rights and The Equality Act.

Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not (we all have at least one, Age, Gender, Gender Reassignment, Pregnancy and Maternity, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion or Beliefs, and Marriage and Civil Parntership)

Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.

It makes perfect sense to collaborate & work together in unity to raise awareness and engagement in such a regional celebration as valued members of the D&G community. 

The Carnival parade is on Sunday 22nd January 2017, starting at 5pm sharp, from the bottom of George St next to the old Art School car park.

Here is some info on the BBS expectations which at this point we are not getting in a flap about. The main focus now is to be involved, be seen & spread love. 

Diversity section of Big Burns Supper Carnival:

An opportunity for the Pride Not Prejudice campaign to take on a section of Big Burns Supper Carnival Parade, and that the involvement of diverse groups should be extended to other groups, to use the BBS parade as a public platform to visibly show and celebrate the diversity and wonderful differences that exist in our local community. 

Beyond BBS candle costumes (that are being made to their specifications and designs); we are working to the themes of celebrating the rich diversity in our community, love over hate, Pride Not Prejudice obviously, Inclusion not exclusion; Unity, Respect, Diversity.

Everyone is invited: volunteers, staff, group members or anyone else you know who supports the campaign & the diversity of our communities. You can be LGBTI, from a BME group, have a disability, from any faith or belief or simply want to support those you know who do.  Please come & join the Pride not Prejudice section of the Big Burns Supper Carnival and helps us spread love and acceptance amongst our wider neighbours.

Although it's not strictly an LGBT thang, we are using rainbow flags, banners, hearts, etc as a universal sign of unity / peace / love if that helps influence costume choices for anyone! Please feel free to bring bubbles, heart shaped post it notes, anything with Pride not Prejudice written on it. We hopw to WOW the spectators with our peaceful pride and colourful acceptance.

To give you an idea of the groups coming together under Pride Not Prejudice banner at the mo we have:

LGBT Youth;  Allanton World Peace Sanctuary & some of their Interfaith reps; Forest Schools; Listen 2 Us (LAC young folk); MOOL & local refugee families; Building Healthy Communities; as well as a few individuals who wanna show their solidarity but don't belong to any of the above groups - we also had DGMA signed up and they were gonna bring drummers and their amazing Chinese dragon but haven't heard anything back from them as yet....

Apart from the BBS candle costume theme,  it's about coming along as colourful & proud as you feel comfortable being.  Wrap LED lights around yourself if you so desire, paint your face rainbow or just come as yourself to blend in, feel safe & be part of something magical.  

LGBT Plus will be running the usual Freedom Cafe on the Sunday from 12pm to 3pm at Rugmans hall.  Anyone who may wish to meet new & diverse LGBT people before hand, or to have a sprinkle of glitter or rainbow stripes added to their face is welcome to come along. 

We don’t know how many folk in total are going to be able to make it or who may want to attend the freedom Cafe, so if you intending to come and are able to confirm,  that would be really helpful. However its not totally necessary if you want to play it by ear and just show up on the day. 

We need to congregate at 4pm on Sunday, at the bottom of George St, next to the old Art School car park (next to Loreburn Primary School) so that we can all be put into our sections etc and ready to start the parade at 5pm sharp.

If you are watching the parade as a spectator with your family & friends please give us a big cheer when we go by. Feel the love and spread it around.

Thanks for listening, reading & being wonderful. 

May love light & laughter always be with you. 

Kindest regards, Blue Lou AKA Citizen Rain

PLEASE forward this message to anyone you think would like to be involved. Spread the word people, the more the merrier!