Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Vulnerability is the new me

Feeling better than yesterday.
How come?
Coz I meditated, thats how come.

I was able to disconnect from the global horrors of the state of this world, put them aside because I cannot fix it all, not all at once, not in real time, not just me. so I am going to only think about the small things I can do in the mean time. The allocated time I may or may not have to attend to world environmental concerns.

Worry wont solve tomorrows problems,
 but it will ruin todays happiness.

During my mediation I sent out unconditional love to the world.
Yes I did. You are most welcome, no worries.
And I gave myself unconditional love for having integrity to my morals and compassion.
Especially self compassion.

Consequently my head is back in the real world, grounded, being heartfelt and meaningful.
I am fully focused on the here and now of today and really enjoying it.
I feel less vulnerable and more supported.

I took time out to relax and unwind. I slept well. I ate well. I nourished my soul with short walks in the frosty biting fresh air, took a hot bath, stoked a roaring fire and enjoyed good company.
Sometimes it is hard.
Putting your self before others can feel alien, wrong, self centred.
But I recognise I have to recover from illness, from exhaustion, but mostly from poor boundaries.
I am worthy of good self care. To be so good to myself I can be larger than life in the love and joy I bring.

I dislike the anxiety of uncertainty but I am learning to embrace it by believing when the moment comes I will dare greatly.
My new understanding about boundaries are helping me to understand and be sure about what I feel is wrong for me and right for me.

This realisation makes me happy. My courage to be me.
And from that place, hopefully help others too.

And therefore today, has been a wonderfully free and liberating day.
Learn to be kind to yourself. Keep doing it.
Be kind, rewind.

Brene Brown say it all much better than I do.
And actually has research findings to back her up!

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