Saturday, 3 December 2016

Unconditional eternal love on the 3rd day of Christmas

I try my best to focus on the here and now.

Looking back can make you sad and gloomy, looking forward anxious of uncertainty.

Yet the festival season always makes me remember good times of the past.
All those wonderful festive memories.
All the people we wish were here.
And those we love who are, for what ever reason too far out of reach.
They are in my heart and mind.

So today, the third day of Christmas, I dedicate my blog to the spirits gone to other dimensions
and to distant friends and family who I wish I could hug as we make our Christmas plans.
I hope to see and hug as many of you as possible.

If not, please know I think of you all so much at this time of year and wish you were here.

Those of you in the other dimensions, will feel the warmth of my love through my prayers.

May everyone around the world and throughout the universe be blessed with peace.
And unconditional eternal love from me.
For the past, the future and right now.

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