Sunday, 4 December 2016

The first Sunday of Christmas (the 4th)

So hungover...
If this is the pre run for Christmas then I am out!

I’m choosing to learn from this aftermath reminder that although it ‘tis the season to be merry’, being too merry, for too long may be fun in the short term but the wipe out for the rest of the days I need to recover (in my old age) are a sure sign that I would like to love my liver just a little bit longer.

I feel compelled to enjoy EVERY SINGLE day of my life with the feeling of full health and more importantly full ability to function. Which includes full lung capacity and mental capacity.
After this weekends escapades, my teeth are worse, my head is lost and my stamina is out the window. Although I clearly put the fun in function this weekend, I am now embracing the FEAR.
Lesson well and truly learnt.
And its only the 3rd of December!!!

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