Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Potting my seventh heaven

Just wondering...
Strange Christmas related blog for me, especially as I don't blog about food...but...

Does anyone else ban roast dinners during the month of December?
I do. Usually.
But I forgot that I meant to test out my nut roast!

Well actually its my wonderful friends vegan nut roast recipe. Last year she made it and it was ruddy delicious. But she is a vegetarian cooking genius. So I have even purchased a back up nut roast which has been languishing in the freezer for three weeks.

So this Sunday is the last roast until Christmas day. 
Cant have our guests eating something that's not tried and tested, especially as they are not vegetarians!

By Christmas I will be desperate for crispy roast vegetables and all the trimmings.

Practice your new stuff people, because practice makes perfect. 
Nut cracking completely potty roasty toasty perfection.

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