Friday, 16 December 2016

Notes on car windows

I watched a middle aged man today, confidently pull into a really large space in front of our campervan. I was approaching from behind on foot having been wandering our neighbourhood for some fresh air and to acknowledge all of the fantastic renovations on the roads, paths and artistic installation. The place is really starting to look nice. A real pleasure to live round here.

Anyway this grown man, who could clearly manoeuvre a car by his deft pull in, proximity to the path and minimum correction moves. This man edged back in his car to place himself IN THE MIDDLE OF A TWO CAR SPACE!

He even got out checked his placement and as he walked away towards town, he absent-mindedly clicked his key fob and the car flashed locked.

Not one to cause a scene I let myself into my house, found a large yellow post it note and wrote on it:

Two spaces, really?

And smugly left it under his front window. I curtain twitched all afternoon, just waiting to see the reaction but alas I missed it.

It may not be very considerate, compassionate or christamassy.
But it made me feel good to stand up for something that day.
No matter how small and utterly insignificant.
To me it was a symbol of sticking to my boundaries and standing up for what I believe.

Even if today the only strength I could muster was to comment on my considerate parking expectations in an undercover way.
I felt it was enough for today.

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