Saturday, 17 December 2016

Being ill sucks, being ill now REALLY sucks

I am full of a cold that the GF kindly shared with me.
She is soooo considerate.
So I cannot think about Christmas, shopping or anything with long words like...well shopping.

What I can think about are:

Is this pillow soft enough?
Why must i sneeze six times?
Where is my mum...oh. (then I cry)
What are you doing? Why are you not mopping my brow?
When will that drilling noise stop?
Where is my chicken noodle soup?
What time is it?
Why is it so dark?
Oh! I can find my way out of a blanket!
Why must I stand up?
Why does my head hurt?
When is it bedtime?
Why am i thinking?
When will this end?

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