Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Destination Star Trek

So this year, as our birthday’s approached we arrived at a dilemma.
GF's birthday is November, mine is October.

Lucky for me, my birthday falls on a Saturday this year. Not so lucky for me it is the same weekend that GF wants to submerge herself in all things Star Trek.

At the three day Destination Star Trek convention no less.

Its 50 years that Star Trek has been running. Can you believe that? How awesome is that? Apart from the fact it makes you realise how long you have been around and possibly watching repeat episodes more than you should admit but my answer to that is fuck off.

I love Star Trek. I have grown up with it, learnt from it and embraced it. The idea when I was young sitting with dinner on my lap, watching cool looking people going across unimaginable distances to planets where they would save the day in under half an hour by either flirting, fighting or fixing something always made my mothers bland cooking edible and life up there in the sky really intriguing.

I can also remember more recent viewings when I vividly recall learning from Star Trek.
I was struggling with some internalised issues at the same time as I became immobilised on the couch with an incredibly painful ankle from tearing all the ligaments in it (jumped over a three inch high bush). I mean… it was more painful than when I broke my leg. Anyway, I digress…

I recall watching episodes of Star Trek as I tried to learn HTML code (that’s how bored I was) and I was very troubled by something. It kept popping up in my mind, bugging my self esteem, my inner peace. Something I had done wrong, done wrong before and that I needed to face up to. And then Spock spoke to me:

“If you do not learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them.”

Quickest I’d moved all week to book myself into reflective therapy! And he was bloody right.

So I have a lot of life, time and love for Star Trek.

But I would not choose to immerse myself in its total geekyness for a whole weekend. Na-aaaah.

Yet I would love to go to the convention, would love to see GFs face light up every five minutes. Accepting that every five minutes and 30 seconds I am going to internally roll my eyes as I realise (again) I have no idea what language people are speaking, what episode people are talking about, what generation costumes people are wearing and will likely show up my GF by making many social trekkie faux pas. I am absolutely sure of this.

So, we decided to swap birthday weekends.

That way, when GF runs ecstatically towards something pointing and screeching and says, “OH MY GOD, look it’s a mock up of the Klingon battleship IKS Koraga  K’vort Class 2375, can we go, can we go and look inside please please please?”
I can laugh at her adorable nerdiness and say, “sure thing honey, if that’s what you want to do.”
Instead of laughing at her and stating  “hmmmm, like NO! But theres a bar!!!”

Get my drift?

So between us we have swapped birthdays. We don’t expect anyone else to understand this or worry about when they are going to bring all our gifts round, or which day to post the birthday cards. That doesn’t matter.

It matters to me that the GF, myself and friends get to spend this time being really immersed in something we have followed since sci-fi became our favourite escapism.

It matters to me that we all get to be children for the weekend. And that we can have a bloody good laugh. Or at least I will be, until I get chucked out.

There is now much to plan and much making, gluing and costuming to take place.

Live long and prosper my friends!!!