Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dub Pistols - the interview!

So I'm lucky enough to be doing these festival reviews for

This year among other festies, I asked to go to Beatherder, as I had heard so many great things about it. It certainly did not disappoint. It was mega immense adn a spectacular festival.

I had an absolute privilege of being asked if I wanted to interview anyone and requested two bands:
Good Foxy - a young rock and roll band, very much up & coming.
Dub Pistols - an established jungle dance ska mentalist band I have followed for almost twenty years.

I was ecstatic to get a yes to both requests. It turned my sual organised festival antics upside down.
And led to a #40newthings experience i did not expect.
It led to the time of my life.
It led to that euphoric feeling of living the absolute dream

You can find the Good Foxy full interview here.

But this one is all about the outstanding Dub Pistols...

Barry Ashworth was so cool and focused, and Seanie Tee who was so gentle and kind yet had no idea what I was asking at times and Andreas Jensen who just laughed at me, were the most accommodating hosts. It might not have been the best interview of my short career so far, but it was by far the best conversation I've had with a band as yet.

Kudos to the band for making me feel like my usual nutty self and not throwing me out of the luxurious hospitality tepee. It was a heart pumping, heart racing experience for me that I will never forget, even the cringe moments.

After a little bit of back stage organisation and check point passing, we were officially escorted towards a beautiful large tee pee. As I bent in, with excitement soaring through my bones, I looked up into the cigarette smoking face of none other than Mr Barry Ashworth.

I kissed him and hugged him and reminded myself to let go quick!

We had an easy-osey chat with Barry about festivals, fun and their journey to Beatherder (Bulgaria, Macedonia and then Clitheroe) and were quickly joined by Seanie T and Andreas.

Barry got all serious on me so I went for my note book while I tried not to get my knickers in a twist and Barry openely admired my beautiful assistants kinky fluffy knickers!
Naturally she wiggled her ass in his direction.

Lou: Can I have my pen please darling?

Nin: (pulling pen from between her corset cleavage) You certainly can! (turns to band), my job here is done

Lou: so why Beatherder? You do so many festivals, whats special about here?

Barry: Well they ask us back! We feel really welcome here and its practically been built up around us really. But we love going back to the festivals. We understand we are as much a punter and as much part of the culture.

Seanie T: We feed off the energy of all the people, likeFrankenstein'ss monster, you come alive.

Barry: Yeah what people give us out in the crowd, we give them back, we get a real high from it.

Lou: are you aware of how much the crowd want to hear Messy Weekend?

Barry: Its MUCKY Weekend!! 

Lou: (hangs head in shame) I know, I’m sorry. I’m a bit mucky already, truth be told

Barry: Ha ha! Well its one of our anthems innit? We can relate to it and everyone knows the words, its sets off their weekend.

Andreas: The thing about playing at festivals and being in Dubs is that once you check it, you cant check out. You just miss it too much.

Lou: You have so much energy on the stage, you give it everything and its clear you are larging it up for the crowd. They love it, we love it. How on earth do you prepare for that, or get over that? 

Seanie T: We just want to go back and do it all again.

Lou: So you’ve been all round the world, you are a festival must have, what are your hopes and dreams with the band going forward?

Barry: Well we try and keep it fresh and always try and mutate our sound towards the popular dance sounds we love, and that people love. 

Lou: I agree you have certainly evolved over the years. When I think of the song I played in Rome at the Coliseum, from the album Six Million Ways to Die…

Barry & Seanie: Its Live!! 

Barry: FFS! How many of our song titles are you gonna get wrong luv ha ha ha? Six million ways to live!

All band members are laughing at me.

Lou: (bangs head off table) alright, alright, I’m so sorry. Im not exactly in music encyclopaedia mode right now, giza break, I’m a bit mucky!

Barry: ha ha getting back to your question, Worshipping the Dollar would be the album when we changed from creating songs for an album, to creating songs to sing live. And then we really got into touring

Lou: But you so rarely come up to Scotland!

Barry: Well its our 20th Anniversary next year, and we will be releasing tour dates in March, including Scotland.

Lou: Yes! Well that’s me lads. Thanks so much. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I am sure I will enjoy the set even more now. Thank you so much. 

We all shook hands and went outside for a quick photo shoot.
I demanded a kiss from Barry which came with a hug and a compliment.

Another bonkers Beatherder memory I will never forget. Absolutely living the dream.
Needless to say, I absolutely floated about for the rest of the day. Sunday was Pistolero’s day. There was nothing else I cared about doing,  other than see them play live and show them my love and support and have a bloody good dance.

We caught up with the rest of our gang who were very disappointed in my blag skills, to see us on grass and not later on stage with the Dubs. But I suspect the Dub Pistols get that all the time, and who are we but two star struck, slightly mucky, inept reviewers? So we all caught up on each others news, sat in sun, explored a little more madness and pitched our selves centre stage at the front.

They came out big and  with a bang. Immediately everyone was on their feet. We were surrounded by professional cameras in the pit in front of us and yet not one of us could be bothered to stop dancing and get the pro cameras out! No crowd surfing from bad boy barry, which was very unusual. Perhaps a little travel weiry, or the crowd wasn’t thick enough to confidently support him. Who knows, but he came and shook hands while in the middle of a song.

Bass player Dave Budgen came out and got in on some quality posing action whilst strumming the bassline right through out chests.

And after the obligatory ‘Mucky’ Weekend, not many of us had our voices left and some of us were a bit bruised from the incredible jkangaroo man who used the front barrier to bounce into the air, for every beat, like he clearly didn’t care. He was fascinating and hilarious!

All in all, a typically banging set from the undoubtedly incredible Dub Pistiolero boys. My heart is still all a flutter.

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