Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tying and dying for fashion

There is a ridiculous item of accessory on the fashion cat walks this season. It is idiotic, not even that pretty (unless you love plastic & potential choking experiences) and has certainly not been thought through. Unless of course Christopher Kane, the ‘designer’ who came up with the marvellous idea of putting cable ties around peoples necks, is actually looking for ways to quickly incapacitate others.

Looks happy doesn’t she? Even the model knows its stupid…

My friend and I are praying that this is one crazy idea that doesn’t turn into a craze.

Does no one else see how dangerous this is?

Does Christopher Kane not understand how cable ties work?

Lets be clear, in case you are not familiar with cable ties. They are also known as zip ties or hose ties or a tie wrap. They are used for tying cables, among many other things. They are used by the police as restraining alternatives to cuffs.

And they are used by a wide range of industrial and commercial services to hold things together. Tightly.

The most common cable tie, the same as the ones featuring on Mr Kanes runway is made from a flexible nylon tape with an integrated ‘gear rack’. On one end is a square plastic loop with a ratchet in a small open case.

The cable tie works a little bit like a belt. Once the tip of the cable tie has been pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it is prevented from being pulled back; the resulting loop may only be pulled tighter.

Again - Does no one else see how dangerous this is?

The reason I know about this fashion faux par, is not because I follow current day fashion any more. I am too busy chasing my tail. It is because my stunningly beautiful friend and fasionista yummy mummy discovered it whilst browsing Vogue online, with her baby under one arm, freshly pulled carrots from the garden in her hand and a pile of homemade pasta sheets wrapped across her kitchen table (she is a super mum).

She bought it to my attention to ascertain if she was going out of her mind thinking about how horrific this idea is, or if it was an extension to the natural influx of mummy worry that she was catching. I confirmed she was not mad. The idea of putting cable ties around people’s necks IS mad.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all up for reusing and recycling. But this is not it. This is yet another new piece of plastic being re-produced to mimic a short term piece of equipment that is one use only. These ‘fashion’ versions have Mr Kanes name printed on them and sell for ridiculous prices. So do not be fooled into thinking he is recycling something industrial and available to us as a high street accessory. It is available but it is NOT a good idea. Putting anything around your neck that requires you to cut it off, that can be tightened and tightened against your will, is utterly irresponsible.

Vogue calls it ‘science-y’ and the Guardian called it ‘bonkers brilliance’…really???
Not one word of warning, just blindly following the mania and stupidity of the cat walk without a single care for its impact.

I cant help notice, as is the way with fashion, that there are no pictures of men wearing cable ties around their necks….making this feel like an insensitive and direct threat on the safety of women.
I’m trying not to go over board here and I don’t expect designers to risk assess everything they make, after all, belts, chains, chokers and such like accessories are all potentially dangerous in the wrong hands or used the wrong way. But this item only has one way of being used. It is made to tighten and tighten and can only be cut off. In what way is that effective clothing? Do we all carry scissors or knives now to get out of our clothing? Oh wait…legally we CANT!

So what do you think will happen? Kids and probably some pretty stupid adults too, will head into the hardware store and purchase a pack of 20 for under £5.

Why does this bug us so? Because people could choke. People could be strangled. People could fall asleep and unknowingly tighten the tie. People could die.

Rant over

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