Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pride and Prejudice Pith

So I completed another new thing and its taken me a while to blog about it as I was singularly unimpressed. 
I read Pride and Prejudice from cover to cover and was sorely disappointed. 
It was dull and boring. The descriptive romantic images I anticipated got old very quickly. Perhaps its because I am a modern day reader, used to fast paced writing with a vast landscape of visual interpretation and character intrigue. Perhaps its really showing its age now, rather than being a timeless classic. We are not relative to the people in the story. 
Whatever it was, I felt like I was reading the same chapter over and over again. It took me to over 50% for something to actually happen. An occurrence that usually sees me ditching a book, it’s a rule I have.
But I stuck with P&P for the sake of reading a recommended classic. A listed 'must read' classic for goodness sake. All to my dissatisfaction. 
But it’s done. I can tick it off the list. It did not give me much of a positive experience, nor anything memorable to rave about with friends. But at least now I can read other books and be more appreciative of their content. So for those of you that haven’t read it, don’t bother, here is a plot outline for you.

There is a family of 4 girls in a large stately home in the countryside.
They do very little other than discuss who will get married first and into which other estate.
They go to dances and gossip and judge.
One sister gets married, one runs away to elope, one stays home and the other falls in love with someone they judged harshly in the beginning who actually turns out to be nice.

The end. Pith.

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