Sunday, 31 May 2015

Knockengorrach Festival 2015 Review

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Earths' Song

Something Is happening to me. Something not quite right.
It’s a fundamental shift. It wakes me up at night.
It is something new. Something I do not recognise.
Something I am unsure what to do about.
Feels a little bit like despise.

Inside I am happy. I am in love. I am content.
My life is simple, meaningful and filled with honest intent.
This is not the issue. But I cant help wonder if it is the cause, 
because I have found a level of self worth and contentment, 
now that I have time to stop and pause.

I feel things. Sad things entering my mind.
I feel the thrum of the earth’s despair, horror and sorrow vibrating through me all the time.
Something deeply hurts me and mother earth each day.
The inequalities. The hate. The famine. The disease. The fighting.
Why do we live this way?

Last night I woke so suddenly, I felt dread and fear within my soul.
The walls all around me were psychedelically swirling, twisting towards a deep black hole
The pictures on my walls of trees all changed, being pulled away from me
My stomach churned along with them as I thought, something was wrong with me

But as I blinked my eyes and hoped the vision would go away,
The tress within those pictures, trunks, leaves and branches began to sway,
The kaleidoscope forest disappeared right before my eyes
I reached out from my turbulent bed to save them, my face wet with tears I cried

Something just happened to me. Something not nice at all.
It’s a fundamental shift. That’s makes me feel insignificant and small.
It is something damaging. Something I am scared to show.
Something I know will break my heart.
When I realise how far it goes

I find myself surrounded by so much privilege. So many things. This materialistic way we live.
I am lucky beyond compare. I have so much. Too much to care.
Nick nacks, savings, more than one pair of shoes, 2 freezers full of food.
The list goes on. But what good does it do? What good do I do?
What shall I do?

In the society that I live in this doesn’t seem so wrong.
Forever reaping from the ground, taking what we want, not caring for long
But when you feel the sadness I do, this suffering cant go on.
It is wrong. We are killing earths song.

People are starving, people are lost, and people are marginalised.
And yet the trouble with humans is hidden beneath years of lies.
The truth is underneath our feet, underneath our skin.
The truth in finding harmony is in the centre, it is within to let earth sing

Mary Summer Rain teaches us to live as best in the society we know
But how does settling for such conformity show us the way to grow?
Ok for Mary Summer Rain who lived minimally among the trees,
But how do members of the technology age find our way back among the trees?
My past lives all speak to me and ask me where have I been?
What am I doing to make changes for the doomed future of this current scheme?
 With all my knowledge and skills why am I not speaking out?
Why am I not doing my part to save the world? Have I sold out?

Am I losing hope in Youology? Where is the faith?
People do not love, respect, care for each other, they have chosen their selfish fate?
I grow stronger here in my solitude pasture, staring back at this open flood gate.
Consuming all the fear, anger and hate and taking my time to turn it into something great.

Something will happen, happen to me.
If I ignore the sound of the earth that is bringing me to my knees.
A fundamental shift of expanding projection, that humbles my soul and makes me desire resurrection
It is something powerful. Somehow I know I am not alone.
Something of vortex and spirals and sound
Something that will grow and heal us from inside the mothers ground

I have purposefully put meaning into this year of my life.
But it is also a global purpose for which I mentally strive?
Can I turn the screaming death I saw of the planet and the trees,
Into something positive and deeply nurturing for me?

Something needs to happen, to the people of this land.
We need to stop our interspecies squabbling, accept and hold each others hands.
Mother nature is the beginning and she will be our end,
if we do not stop the downwards spiral of this viscious short sighted trend.

Let all harm and violence end.