Sunday, 5 April 2015

The one I held back

Generic rhyming voicemail – for when your friends are asleep and you aint.

You are a sleeping, the sand man is reaping,
I am creeping and sleeking onto your phone.
Leaving a message to remind you just a little bit that while you slumber neatly I am alone.

It is my duty to remind you and point out pointedly, with my pointy fingers all jauntily jointly, that while weekends are here you are always on call, and if not coming out, in, round, down, up to party, you must answer your phone! Thats your job smarty!

To hear my hilarity momentarily spontaneous rants...

Coz you are missing out on the architectural wandering of my mind simply pondering,

And I end up thinking if you were here we would be drinking, and singing and stating that really life IS much better when dancing and prancing – isnt it....I said isn’t it?

Yo Yo YO! Where’d you go?
No no no drifting into the white sleepy snow. You need my kinda snow, on the high tempo, make you go go, silky soft snow white glow, snoooooooow.
Hey ho lets go!

Its all about the happys,
Tipping to ya the bees knees hatties,
Them weirdly cramping flappies,
Hanging onto life by the boot strappies,
Over excited camped up hand clappies,
Pumping arms and riverdance toe tappies
Slow motion face slappies
Looking up travelling road trip mappies
Jumping from behind curtains and making you pant crappies
Laughing crampies
Babies nappies
Branch snappies
Ridiculous happies


No seriously...if you were here you would have stopped me by now.
Its one thing to Rhyme, but you gotta know the right time?

Ya know?
So shall I go?

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