Saturday, 6 September 2014

Share those monkeys

As humans we carry our problems, like monkeys on our back,
Each one a little baggage we haven’t quite unpacked
They pick and flick at issues or remind us of the past,
And if you don’t share your monkeys they weigh you down pretty fast
These cheeky little monkeys can hold onto anything,
And if they happen across a painful woe than boy, you’ll see them swing,
Nit picking or hard hitting, they don’t really care,
The point is they build into screeching troops if you don’t learn to share
Sometimes you share your monkeys and feel the weight has gone,
Embrace the monkeys your friends need to share but don’t let their weight pile on,
Its what friends do to find harmony and balance each others tribes,
You never take on others monkeys, you free them side by side
 Always share your monkeys, its what good friends are for
As well as all the drinking, dancing, rolling on the floor
You’ve got to share those monkeys, release those barrels down the track
Take off the load and share with friends those damn monkeys on your back.