Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Souls of our Feet

Every day you take the strain
Every day you feel the pain
From all my head down to my toes
The pain I carry you under stand so

The soles of our feet are a blessed unknown place
Their pain and their load doesn't stare us in the face
Hidden against the ground with no light above to see
No sense of all the beauty, just the weight and agony

They take us everywhere we go
They bring us to every point
They share in every circumstance
They stub out every joint

And yet we forget them and leave the thought until last
And sooth all parts of our body and leave our souls until last
Both inner and outer darkness is trampled and broken down
The lightness of who we try to shine and the feet that stay on the ground

For noone truly respects the job our little toes do all day
All the love and tenderness with our feet strolling every way
Don't forget to love not just the inner you
But the soles of your feet, that are broken in your shoe.

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