Sunday, 24 August 2014

Festival reviews innit!

So many festivals, so many reviews...
Cant quite believe how much fun we have had and the things we have done this summer.

You can click up on my articles here:


Eden Festival

Glastonbury  - Friday

Glastonbury - Saturday and Sunday

Belladrum Tartan Heart

Wickerman 'The Workers Wonders' is shortly to be released in daily blogs. Watch this space!!!

How lucky am I to write about these amazing places I love to go to? And the wonderful things I love to do?

Its the perfect combination. Writing. Festivals. Creativity. All bundled up in a big ball of pleasure for me because of these awesome guys:

Festivals For All

Thanks to you all at how do I make lots of money being this happy???

Living the dream...

Oh and still one more festival to go!!

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