Sunday, 1 June 2014

I'm a Published Author.

Yesterday was the day that I went from being a writer to a published author.

Those who know me will understand the big deal this is to me and have probably heard nothing but my hyper activity responses to the progress of the article and its tweets and retweets.

Just in case you are reading this but you haven't read that, hear is the link!

I am blessed to be able to write about the things I love to do.

And I have 5 more festivals to go!

What an amazing season ahead.

Almost 10 Happy days in one day

There has been a new trend on Faceache / Twitter lately of #100happydays. Meaning for 100 days you record on social media your best moment of the day. It can be a precious moment, a positive statement someone told you, a laughable happening or just a plan ole wonderful thing. Some people even take pictures of their dinner, coz its ‘special’. I on the other hand eat pretty well most of the time and found the food tag a bit lame.

I have been lucky enough to have something to shout about every day for the last 10 days. It has further compounded how lucky I am these days to have such a wonderful life. And not only is it wonderful, it’s all my own doing. I am carving out the new me, the new relationship, the new business I have always wanted with style, fervour and finesse.

I am on day 11 (today) of my #100happydays and yesterday was a day when I could have named so many things as that one defining moment of happiness. It was an awesome day on many levels and I felt the need to record it anyway, in my own way, so that on lesser splendid days I can look back and remind myself I had one day with almost #10happydaysinone

  • The awesomely scrumptious courgette, chilli, chorizo and sweet potato soup I made by 9:30am. Not worthan actual hash tag but certainly worth a mention here. It had me pleased as punch for a mornings effort. On a Saturday no less! I know how to rock a weekend!

  • My first festival review article for @festivalsforall was published. To be fair I did use this as my #day10 #100happydays but it’s important as this happened at 10:30 in the morning and set the hyper excited dead chuffed happy place I was in for the rest of the day

  • Working with my awesome Wickerman crew on the first stage of painting. A beautiful sunny day, we got so much more done than expected. The mood was high, the music going and the banter flowing. Makes me proud every time

  • The sheer and splendid delight of spending time with a besto, seeing the bright lights back in her eyes, the happiness in everything she does because she is now the proud new owner of a new creative business and self employed freedom. Together we are building ourselves an inspiration-nation.

  • The hilarious admiration from unwanted admirers in the short visit we took in the pub, as a reward for a hard day’s work. Included the line “Dumfries is a much better place for you being in it” and a whispered “you’re gorgeous.” Got to take those compliments where you get them!!!

  • Pint of lager and lime in the shower? Think I will thank you very much. Steaming hot hot hot spray soothing my aching 50 year old back and a celebratory swallow. Perfect cleansing moment.

  • Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) retweeting my festival article!!!! Was possibly the second wave of pride for my writing. Followed up by a barrage of internet interest, retweets, emails of congratulations and finally I broke into bursts of joyful, ecstatic tears.

  • Finally, the delight of knowing I had the King Size bed all to myself that night. A rare occasion, so it filled me with delight and anticipation. A handful of woozy painkillers for my back and an early night as my glad reward for such an incredible day. A little unsure how I was meant to sleep with such a huge grin on my face.
I am eternally thankful for the life I lead. I AM the Leading Lady of my Wonderful Life.