Saturday, 3 August 2013

DJ !!!!!!

Well people, I have had the most amazing summer
Inspiring, intriguing, interesting
Fun, funky, fabulous
We have smiled till our lips cracked, laughed till our voices disappeared and cried for joy.
Danced. Danced. And danced some more.
We have created, played, and designed at a number of festivals and club nights.

The Blue-topia crew have been out in force, leaving their weird and wonderful creations all over the UKs various festivals. They done me proud.

I've been booming with my PhotoBooth and have more bookings and plans ahead to excite over.

All supported of course by my ever amazing BF / GF aka IT Guru TV girl

Couldn't do it without the love, support and pointing and laughing of my nearest and dearest friends.

And now I am doing something else I always dreamed of....


Volunteering for a local LGBT gig. Gonna play a really cheesy chart set (which I have found hard not to venture into the realm of banging down and dirty fuinky beats)

But its all culminating with a Kylie and Madonna DJ Battle with myself The Citizen Rain and the mind blowing awesomeness that is Dreadz n Mullets 'Semtex girl'.

Defo gonna be hilarious.

I've had about 6 hours practice (if you can call bopping around my own front room to my own playlist "practice") and already i feel I have the aura....

So far I have mastered the one ear headphone banging nod

The distracted by my equipment one finger pointing 'TUUUUNE' move

and of course the ultimate two arms in the air 'PRAISE ME THE DJ' stance

My pouts quite good too...

as for mixing, lining up tunes, keeping the tempo going and all that blah blah blah...I will wing it...

Coz at least I LOOK like a DJ!!!

Thank feck for the back up of the experienced Semtex girl who is spoon feeding me confidence along the way.

Like my ole friend Lellie would say...Living the dream...

Oh and did I say i was gonna be looking like this - natch!!!