Friday, 17 May 2013

Youolgy - basic faith in human beings

Bit O Background
After watching the horrors being committed around the world in the name of religion...
After experiencing some of the most disturbing behaviour from so called righteous religious people I know locally...
After thinking so long about the simplicity of basic human rights & my belief in people, in goodness and that the connection between people is all we need, I finally went public last week with my take on what we should be believing in. Or at least what I now aspire to live by.

We should believe in each other. In being decent and kind. In trying hard.
In honesty, positivity and unity.

Youology went live.
I took it from my life, from my head and unleashed it upon the social media community.
I cant say that it went viral.
I cant say that it made a big splash.
But what I can say is that the reaction it did receive was positive and well....obvious.
Because its simple.

Just like Youology.
Simple, basic, rules of kindness.
See what you think!

I found this prayer that I put together four years ago when I was in a sad time of my life and wanted to remind myself daily of why I wanted to struggle through every day. And it still reminds me of why I love people, have faith in people and yet fundamentally dont believe in religion.


Thank you world for this day I have lived through.
Thank you for all I have taken from you, which has made my day richer.
I hope I have shown honesty and integrity and that I have used your gifts wisely.
I ask for forgiveness for all the things I have done wrong and am thankful for all that protects me.

I continue to believe in human beings and their personal development of their individual status.
I accept that life’s own destiny is carved and created by myself and not by a supreme being.
I take responsibility not only for my actions but for my thoughts and values.
I try to live within the laws of my society in a fair and good manner. Allowing people to be who they are, doing good, remaining positive and flexible in all life’s difficulties.

I acknowledge the strength and diversity of others and will act in a non-judgemental way to all that I do.
I love all around me and live life to the full of my potential in my own way. 
I am proud of me.
I share with the world my love, my spirit and ask for nothing in return.

Inspiring times for some creative lines

Ooh la la!
I lost my ta-da,
it went a walking,
quite long far.

Now its back,
with a snap and a crack,
with a snack a jack a lack,
to pull me back.

I'm going into the pages,
no offer of wages,
just to spend some time,
creating the lines.

For the words that I right,
make me smile all right,
not for what they mean,
but coz I'm building my dream.

My mojo is here,
with a wave and a cheer,
with tippity tap type,
and plenty of hype.

My juices are creating,
my words are stating,
that my writers block has done,
my creative future now begun.