Sunday, 20 January 2013

The final shoe of 2012

25th Dec- Suede pee-toe pump with multi-leather rosette and studded heel, Diego Dolcini.

Dont get me wrong, most of the time I love Christmas...I love buying gifts for my friends and family. I enjoy the time off. But this year was a bit of an anti climax because I got ill. So I spent most of Christmas to New Year with cold shivers and blowing my nose.

My poor BF though, having to wait on me all of Christmas afternoon and the following days. We managed to open our gifts together and cook dinner. But after that it was all down hill for me.

However, from what I can recall, either side of my souring temperatures and delirious sneezing, I did  have a very merry time. It may not have snowed in Dumfries but you should have seen the mountain of white tissues besides my couch. All I did Christmas afternoon was blow my nose. Constantly.

So when I cast my watery eyes over these shoes I was for a short while very content and happy. Don’t they just epitomise everything you know about Christmas bling on your shoes?
The luxurious black suede, the leather rosette, the sparkly studded heal.
These are just perfect little black numbers for a perfect Christmas day.

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