Sunday, 20 January 2013


Welcome to Shoe calendar 2013!!!

Can you believe it?
BF got me the calendar again for 2013!!!
I am dead chuffed as I know it will keep me inspired to keep blogging, along with the daily trials and tribulations of life.
It will keep our mornings amused with the new shoes of the day discussions and enable me to gaze lovingly at new shoes every day without having to pay...

And first up is this bold beauty of 2013, the first of Jan!

Crystal-encrusted double-platform slingback, Giuseppe Zanotti design.

Just loving the eccentricity of this large simple sling back. I smile at the brass of the colours and the overtly luscious crystal encrustation. Its simply bold and beautiful. Makes the most dreary (and hungover) day of the year seem like a happy, outgoing and bold day after all.

I'm off to the pub! Sadly not in these shoes...

The hinter...

White suede bootie with burnished gold sculpted heel and horsehair detail, Masaya Kushino.

Its started early! The wedding shoe options. The hints...oh no! This happened last year...

This unusual bootie is very shabby chic. I can imagine this with my short white dress. My tables of floral teacups. The ornate scrolled furniture at the venue and this classical style impressed upon our little big day.

(I call it our little big day because we will probably have a little wedding...yet it will be a big deal to us.
I would definitely wear these booties with pride.

Printed canvas high heel “Texan” boot with contrast saddle tow, Stuart Weitman 

There is something about these boots.
I look at them and I instinctually like them.
Yet when I inspect them in more detail I wonder why.
I am not a big fan of floral print but these have it.
I am not an enthusiast of two tone boots but these are.
I have no idea what a saddle toe is?
Is it the shape of the toe or the shape of the brown wrapped around the toe? I go with the later.

But to me they look elegant, lady like, comfortable, smart, pretty and durable.

So all in all I do like them. I guess that's why!

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