Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Python Sandals for Christmas

Finally I have gained back some self belief and found some inspiration to get writing again.

And what’s that inspiration I ask?

Well to be honest partly damn fine shoes and partly some damn good loving.

My beloved BF has been so very supportive of me lately. We have had some rough patches in our journey lately. And we have done really well at managing those patches and making sure we learn from every difficult situation. While we were learning we were healing. While we were healing we were hermits. But finally the hermitishness is slowly dissipating and we are standing united and in glory again.

So back to the shoes!

When I turned the page and saw these beauties, my urge to share my views with the world was renewed and completely restored. I just love them and want them and just a little bit need them. It has been quite a while since I splashed out on a fabulous pair of shoes...darling.

Chunky yet ornate, subtle yet great.
These tiered python skin design sandals are wonderful. They are everything I love in a sandal. They have a great platform, decorated to match the entire shoe and not just some alternate colour base at  odds with the rest fo the design. No. The python skin is even followed through on the perfect stiletto heal. And the way the tiered front of the sandal is piped in the same grey suede as the supporting straps and ankle strap AND the finishing edge around the insole is just perfection. The suede also looks soft and like it would snuggle into your toes.

They are stunning. I bet they are quite comfy too. I just wish I had a pair or two.

Silver python “Valentina” platform sandal with tiered design. Chrissie Morris 2010

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lost my mo-jo

I haven't been writing much lately.
Times have been hard, with one stress after another and I have been providing a lot of support and needing a lot of support.
The weird thing is when I sit down to write, I get very emotional and it prevents me from writing.
Those emotions are wide and various and at times most unwelcome.
But you have to acknowledge their power, and find a solution to a happier place.

I write from a special place in my heart that I believe is reinforced and supported by some kinda weird spiritual goblin elf who guides me through some of my imaginings. I know I never write alone. It is lifes experiences and my goblin elf who give me my magic power. Who help me conjure up creative worlds and funny sentences.
And lately my goblin has been gone.

so I am sorry if you are missing the shoe blogs...I have no inclination to put my views in a world so full of judgement and selfishness.

Right now I need to be there for my nearest and dearest.
And I need someone who can be there for me.

And then hopefully when that happens. I can be reunited with my mo-jo, my goblin elf and my self belief.

Love to you all