Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shoes to stomp at work in

14th November
Iridescent leather ankle bootie with peep toe and turn-lock fastenings, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

I am sure if I were able to look close enough and hold these shoes, turn them over in my hand and inspect them, I would find my name written all over them.
I simple adore these shoes. They feel like they should be in my shoe cupboard. Or even better on my feet. Although they are very special I think these are the kind of shoes I would stomp around in at work.
Feeling unique. Feeling strong. Power dressed.

They are quite wonderful. Except for that peep toe of course, but I must concede that it suits the shoe, looks proportionate and at work where the heating is always on 'roast degree' it would not matter.
Just tottering to the car through the puddles and the wind could be a bit disastrous.

Anyway the main body of the shoe looks like a soft brushed leather / suede with an inner cuff which has a green tinge to it from my eyes, mirrored around the edge of the peep toe.
I enjoy the iridescent leather wrap over thick chunky straps with the really unusual and interesting turn-lock buckles, reminds me a little of the locks you get on a handbag.

Perhaps I could find a fancy Italian briefcase to match both the leathers and the turn-lock? Its got to be worth a visit to Milan IN these shoes to find out. And finally that chunky overstated under support arch that leads to a nice straight stiletto heal. The height is reduced by the under support but it still remains feminine and pretty.

Why aren't they mine?

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