Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sassy Sexy Sandal

Stiletto sandal with high back and chain straps, Guiseppe Zanotti Design, 2012
Now the shoes that were on the day for BFs birthday on  the 10th of November were so disgusting it really was not worth me wasting your time, dear reader, in blogging about them but these sexy beauties...
blinging their way to you on the 12th, just two days later are worth posting and boasting about.

I used to have these shoes! Obviously not by Guiseppe. And not with so many straps. And certainly not in gold. (although I agree with the original concept design here I would never be caught wearing gold)

Mine had four chain straps, backed in black velvet and only two of those ran around my ankle. I ran for a train in them once and before I knew it I had blood pulsing down both feet from the scratch of the zipper which had inconveniently dug into both heels as I ran. At the time rather painlessly but as I relaxed in the taxi because I missed the train – agony.

However these beautiful sandals are much more effectively designed, with a taller reaching array of straps, five no less and a considerate rounded back support with no zip in sight.
I love the sexy curvature of the heel and the simplicity of no zips, buckles or lace ups.
Just sandal and chain.
Beautiful. If only they came in chrome or brushed silver. But I cant have everything my way.

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