Thursday, 15 November 2012

Almost the BFs birthday boot!

9th November

“Fold mid” ankle bootie with crossover construction, United Nude, 2010

Remind you of Tron?
These boots look like they are made of a thousand tiny rear view lights running around a race track.
I find them quite mesmerising, as if they are moving, even though I know they are not.
They also remind me of those African influenced craft paintings we used to make with tiny round ended sticks and just making patterns with dots. Very tedious, yet therapeutic work and the effect when you had finished (about a month later, depending on the size of your paper) was very striking.

And I think thats what these boots are. Very striking. The size, heel and shape is nothing particularly spectacular. Yet the red dot design is really quite captivating. I wish I could zoom focus around this picture and see how the fold over edge looks on the inside leg. But alas my calendar wont allow for such 3D functionality. I just have to be happy with the picture I’ve got and the internet to search where I can find them. Overall a good boot for the day before BFs birthday.

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