Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Wedding Shoes

15th November

Tango shoes in silver chrysanthemum brocade with silk laces, Carr Shoe co. 1925

My wedding shoes!! I don’t know why...maybe because I don’t want to gain to much height over BF if we ever tie the knot, maybe because I already have a 1960s boutique cream dress in my wardrobe that I see myself wearing...and maybe because I love the history and divine loveliness that these shoes portray.
But I look at these and think...mmmmMMMMMmmy wedding shoes. But it take two to Tango!

Shoes to stomp at work in

14th November
Iridescent leather ankle bootie with peep toe and turn-lock fastenings, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

I am sure if I were able to look close enough and hold these shoes, turn them over in my hand and inspect them, I would find my name written all over them.
I simple adore these shoes. They feel like they should be in my shoe cupboard. Or even better on my feet. Although they are very special I think these are the kind of shoes I would stomp around in at work.
Feeling unique. Feeling strong. Power dressed.

They are quite wonderful. Except for that peep toe of course, but I must concede that it suits the shoe, looks proportionate and at work where the heating is always on 'roast degree' it would not matter.
Just tottering to the car through the puddles and the wind could be a bit disastrous.

Anyway the main body of the shoe looks like a soft brushed leather / suede with an inner cuff which has a green tinge to it from my eyes, mirrored around the edge of the peep toe.
I enjoy the iridescent leather wrap over thick chunky straps with the really unusual and interesting turn-lock buckles, reminds me a little of the locks you get on a handbag.

Perhaps I could find a fancy Italian briefcase to match both the leathers and the turn-lock? Its got to be worth a visit to Milan IN these shoes to find out. And finally that chunky overstated under support arch that leads to a nice straight stiletto heal. The height is reduced by the under support but it still remains feminine and pretty.

Why aren't they mine?

Sassy Sexy Sandal

Stiletto sandal with high back and chain straps, Guiseppe Zanotti Design, 2012
Now the shoes that were on the day for BFs birthday on  the 10th of November were so disgusting it really was not worth me wasting your time, dear reader, in blogging about them but these sexy beauties...
blinging their way to you on the 12th, just two days later are worth posting and boasting about.

I used to have these shoes! Obviously not by Guiseppe. And not with so many straps. And certainly not in gold. (although I agree with the original concept design here I would never be caught wearing gold)

Mine had four chain straps, backed in black velvet and only two of those ran around my ankle. I ran for a train in them once and before I knew it I had blood pulsing down both feet from the scratch of the zipper which had inconveniently dug into both heels as I ran. At the time rather painlessly but as I relaxed in the taxi because I missed the train – agony.

However these beautiful sandals are much more effectively designed, with a taller reaching array of straps, five no less and a considerate rounded back support with no zip in sight.
I love the sexy curvature of the heel and the simplicity of no zips, buckles or lace ups.
Just sandal and chain.
Beautiful. If only they came in chrome or brushed silver. But I cant have everything my way.

Almost the BFs birthday boot!

9th November

“Fold mid” ankle bootie with crossover construction, United Nude, 2010

Remind you of Tron?
These boots look like they are made of a thousand tiny rear view lights running around a race track.
I find them quite mesmerising, as if they are moving, even though I know they are not.
They also remind me of those African influenced craft paintings we used to make with tiny round ended sticks and just making patterns with dots. Very tedious, yet therapeutic work and the effect when you had finished (about a month later, depending on the size of your paper) was very striking.

And I think thats what these boots are. Very striking. The size, heel and shape is nothing particularly spectacular. Yet the red dot design is really quite captivating. I wish I could zoom focus around this picture and see how the fold over edge looks on the inside leg. But alas my calendar wont allow for such 3D functionality. I just have to be happy with the picture I’ve got and the internet to search where I can find them. Overall a good boot for the day before BFs birthday.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Remember remember

These delightful ankle boots demonstrate my point precisely.

Its bonfire night.
Remember... remember...the 5th of November.

You are going out with friends to watch the fire burn, crackle and roar.
You have everything wrapped up so you can stare at the skies, ooohing and ahhhing and the occasional over excited FUCKING WOW!!!

Your ears, hands, neck, head and cheeks (if your a balaclava kinda person) are all snugly wrapped up. perhaps in wool, fur or even eccentric silk organza ruffles.
everything is toasty.

They are peeping out of your November boots.
No manner of wooly socks will help.
The wind just howls in around them. (and anyway socks with peep toe shoes / boots is a killable offence)
Your toes are freezing. They cant see a thing. They retreat from the frost, like  a just touched snail into its shell. They curl up and die. They may be able to shuffle up to the fire and burn themselves warm by kicking a loose bit of wood onto the fire. but ultimately. These boots should have toes!!

What is wrong with these people?
Or at the least, if its not the fault of the people who designed these shoes (for all I know they could have made them in a small fabric outlet in Tahiti where it is considerably warmer) then it is the fault of the calender collective.
who puts peep toe shoes in the winter months?
Thats like your page three busty wearing santa nipple tassles at Easter. Or sticking a broom and a pointy black hat on baby Jesus in the manger.
Its all just seasonally wrong.

Conversely these boots are just right. Pretty. Clever. Innovative. Simple.
Just little lengths of shredded silk ruffle bands, making a lovely almost fur effect. Almost. you would need a lot more ruffled fur to keep your peeping toes warm tonight.

Dump Steam Punk & return to Funk.

Steam Punk?
Or just good old funk?

Steam Punk stuff is cool. However, you cant just shove a few rings or a bit of chain on something and call it Steam Punk.

Its gotta have cogs, coils. Old parts that used to form part of a working, moving mechanical engine. (hence the steam)

I can see why people think Steam Punk when they look at these boots. I understand.

Frankly it puts me off.

I prefer to think of these boots as...well...simply...Mine.

They are quite unusual in proportion. The skinny metal offset heal gives them a sense of delicacy, yet the fat high platform and white leather makes a more in your face statement. and the metal loops ande overlay on the heel is clever, simple, recyclable, and I love to imagine the jingle jangle these would make as you totter along.
Beautiful boots with sound. Not bad for the first of November.

Python leather "Botolim" boot with coiled metal heel and overlay, Javier Gaswcvo, 2008

How Shoe You Do!

Finally time for those shoes!

So, up first, the purple jelly pump.

O o no, jelly shoes.
Still not a fan. Are you?

But I will admit, this cute and almost demure pair of jellys, are quite...bearable?

I think its the purple that definitely pulls my eye. And I always life triple straps.
The heal shape is cute yet practical. But its plastic.
I cant imagine its comfy. Or your feet can breathe.
And its plastic.

But it deserves a mention. If not for my approval but to acknowledge that the plastic shoe is evolving! And because these are Vivienne Westwood.I think my view on them is ultimately... this space.

Because its plastic.

“Three straps elevated III” jelly pump, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa, 2010

I find this boot simply exquisite! 

Every dynamic about it appears proportionate yet glamorous. The cylindrical symmetry of the fur cuff and the way the bank of grey leather mirrors this symmetry. The heal is metal. How strong. Beautifully printed like a hexagonal stencil. It looks comfy, warm and stunning with a little bit of snow on them. I bet anyways.

Pretty alluring boot. 


Suede ankle boot with furry fold over cuff and printed metal stiletto, Diego Dolcini, 2010

My birthday shoes! 
Not at all glamorous. 
Not particularly sexy.
But they are bright. They are funky.
They are definitely great holiday shoes. And where was I on my birthday?
Egypt with BF and friends. 
It. Was. Awesome.
Mighty memorable moments.
The sights the smells. 
The fish the shells.
The sun the fun. 
The days and rays.
The love the lust the days went by.
Underwater sunshine.
Birthday smile.

Sadly through all of the days i did not have these shoes.
So I like them. The wooden wedges remind me a dozen different beach huts that holidays bring to you. 
Even straw hats and deckchairs. 
And I like the way the strap mirrors the wedge design with thin strips of woven leather in a range of tasteful colours.
These pretty and practical shoes would have been great on my holidays! And they are from the 70’s so I maybe could have looked them up!
Never mind, its something to put on the to-do list for the next birthday. Gotta have those birthday shoes!

Wooden wedge sandal with multi-coloured woven leather straps, Sarah James, late 1970s

Nylon “Ice cream girl” worn as ring of brooch, AtelierTed Noten, 2008

Now isn't this interesting! I LOVE IT!

A shoe ring! If I didn't have such a fantastic BF I would marry my shoes with this ring.
I cant work out if its called Nylon or its made of nylon? Must research!

But its a gorgeous homage to the delicacy and feminine beauty of shoes. 
How intricate. How divine. How pure.
Beautiful craftsmanship.
I am slightly disturbed by the pattern on the actual ring facia. Sadly it reminds me of a tyre. Ahh modern times influence.
But overall I gawk at this and wish it was mine. I wish, I wish, I wish. 
Or simply wish there were more hours in the day to just look at it over and over.
<insert satisfied sigh>

I love this boot but I really wish it wasn't a peep toe. 
I can only imagine it must have been made by someone who lives in a country that is warm. Totally appropriate for boots to have a peep toe when it doesn’t rain for most of the year or snow every winter. Or get really cold most nights. 
Not a good look being out in amazing footwear and your feet being frozen.
Everything else I admire. 
The large strips of alternating colour  of snakeskin and visible finishing stitch. 
I love the name for the tassle, “Comet Tassle”. Brilliant. 
Sky high boots then.
Sadly down with a thump when you wear them out in Scotland and later find yourself in A&E with frostbite.

Please make them again Jerome without the peep toe!

Pieced snakeskin “Comet Tassle” boot with peep toe, Jerome C Rousseau

Another amazing python skin shoe.
Its cool and funky. You know it!
This one really does look like strips of snake simply collected into a shoe. And it has velvet too. 
What more could you want?
Nice side buckle. 
Nice use of bronze and black.
A classic LB sandal for wearing with any classic LBD.

“Avery” black velvet and bronze python sandal, Sophie Gittins, 2010

Suede stiletto boot with chain laces and faux sock, Giuseppe Zanotti, 2010

These boots have given me inspiration. 
I love the idea of lacing your boots up with jewellery  
These gold chains are just the beginning! 
You could add so much to each chain.
Trinkets. Pendants. Charms.
Like a Pandora boot lace.
Hmmm...its got me thinking.
But before i disappear and make my own version of this boot. 
I've got to ask...
What the feck is that feux sock all about?

Hooray for catching up to October!!
October was a good month for shoes! And so it bloody should be, seeing as its my birthday and all. 

Not that i purchased any shoes.
But then I did go to Egypt instead!”

And hooray for unusual space station angular healed yet curvy cut out boots.
And hooray for that simple silver button.
And they are peep toe! Who would have thought it?
Oh so contrary!!
But I maintain – you will get chilly feet up North, but these ankle boots, i think, were made for the summertime. 
Or a warm podium.
Either way. They are very cool. 
Cyber Pilot Pole dancing boots. For sure. 

Distressed silver leather bootie and textile inset and angular heal, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010