Monday, 29 October 2012

Love vs Shoes

Imagine yourself having been on a great adventure and you are cheerful and excited to be almost home. You have so much to digest. Such inspiration for the times ahead. And so many memories.
You slide into the room sideways to be greeted by a few eager listeners, friends.
You slide in spraying dirt everywhere, with a bottle of Bolly in one hand and a camera in the other, yelling “woohooo.” You are in love.

Well if you can imagine that, then you will see me.

You will see where I have been so long. And why the shoe blogs have been gone.

Now I am bumped back to reality after a mini adventure. Best part is, it’s not over yet, I’m only half way through but I stopped abruptly (sorry about the flying dirt) to catch up on my shoe blogs.

I mean, come on? Really? A shoe lover such as I am and I am not turning the pages on my shoe calendar!

But truly life has been a fantastic whirl of togetherness and happiness with the BF that I have hardly even looked at my shoe calendar!

Another reason for this is, I have mentioned previously in an earlier blog. That reason being our swanky new office is right up the top of the house, so I don’t now pass my shoe calendar on a daily basis. So I’m not seeing the shoe, to remind me of shoes and to burst an opinion on said shoe. So that must change for a start!
There, that’s the shoe calendar relocated to downstairs where I eat breakfast!

Now on with the shoes. Or is it the show?

Life has been a good show lately. No lottery. No prizes. No surprises – great. So it’s been kind. And at lots of moments along the way. Truly wonderful. We have had holidays, new & interesting hobbies, completion of garden project, parties and plenty of time to ourselves. PLENTY.
This is the first time in years we have had weeks of time together without any kids. Without anything other than each other. It’s been mental. magical. marvelous and very sexy at times.

So now you know, why no shoe  blogs!

But now I’ve skidded to another existance. As we get back into the swing of work. Our new home rota and exercise regime. We are enjoying being together. Pottering. Writing. Reading. Snuggling. Letting the winter draw in around us. We do odd jobs together and then reward ourselves with snuggles.

Tonight, my particular odd job is to catch up on my shoe blog. Just get on with it then girl!

But now that’s BF finished his odd job now and I haven’t written a word about shoes. Just love.

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