Friday, 28 September 2012

Shameful Leopard Sandal

24th September

Leopard print suede “Viti “ Sandal with classic ankle strap, Jerome C Rousseau.

It surprises me that i like these shoes, because I am not a cat print fan. Giraffe (fake of course) – yes! Snakeskine – yes! Leopard, tiger...hmmm – not so keen.
However i must admit I have a few items in my eclectic wardrobe. The odd scarf, a cow print skirt, some giraffe trousers  (my favourite animal) so I cant admit to being without a little touch of animal print in my life.
But I’m also known to having an aversion to the current need to adorn yourself in leopard print leggings, shirts and scarf’s. All at once. And some of the animal print shoes are just nasty.
But these little beauties I love.
Is it the fact the shape is quite delicate and charming? The fact the black elastic offsets it and tones it down into a more tasteful design?
Or the fact it has an interesting wrap around elastic strap?
Whatever it is I like it and admit if it was in my price range i would buy it.
But its one to go in the “not good enough” pile to warrant me spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on it.
Shame for the leopard too.

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