Friday, 28 September 2012

Retro Festie' Boots

21st September

Awwww these shoes simply remind me of my dear old mum. Goodness bless her, we miss her so much.
And these boots were made for her. She would have loved them. Hated the price tag but ecstatically accepted it if I bought them for her.

Mum was forever getting converse or doctor marten boots from charity shops and painting them up herself. Some were awesome, some were awful. But i loved the fact that it was what my mum done.
I made clothes. She painted her boots.

However I drew the line the day she painted her crocs. And demanded she never wore them in either my company or outside of the garden.
Simply put I love these boots, I would wear them but I am not sure if its because I truly like them or because they make me think of my mum. Either way they are delightful and definitely festival gear. And they are retro baby!
Hand painted leather boots, late 1900s.

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