Friday, 28 September 2012

Geodesic Green Shoes

17th September

These shoes, are by BFs favourite colour for many things (mountain bike, rucksack, VW campervans & thermos flasks.)
They also appeal to his technical nature as they are of a geodesic design. And they appeal to me coz they are just plain zany.
I like the shape particularly and would love to wear these if I were viewing a Geodesic dome home.
Just to show my admiration for the mathematical structuring. But that is where my appreciation for anything related to mathematics sadly, NO! happily begins and ends.

Usually that appreciation is associated with the cost of and how much i love the shoes, based on beauty vs bargain. However I will proudly admit that the little bit of maths influence demonstrated through these shoes I find rather pleasing. The strap could have been a bit for thematically adventurous. But i suspect the designer hopes that what the straps lack in presentation, the colour gains.
I would buy them, but as much as he likes them, my BF wont. So he says....
Green “Lo Res” Geodesic plastic pump made with 3-D printing technique, United Nude.

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