Friday, 28 September 2012

Early morning catch up

Apologies for not being so up to date with the shoe blogging of late, usually exciuse of ebing busy. I’ve also noticed that since our office has been moved to the beautiful empire that we have built nin my attic space, i tend to spend less time up there!
Its not coz i don’t like the room. Oh contraire! I love it. But its up a lot of stairs, and most nights, when i am exhausted from working my day job, keeping on top of a household, fulfilling hobbies and giving up some time to creatively help others, i just cant be arsed to separate myself from the 'couch of rest' and walk up a million stairs to sit at a computer.

Sorry blog reader. (is there more than one of you yet?)

But this morning I awoke from a reasonable sleep and thought, Get UP! Get On IT!
I admit I have a couple more shoes to catch up on, but I have to go to real job. That pays.

so here are a few for now...enjoy!

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