Friday, 28 September 2012

Early morning catch up

Apologies for not being so up to date with the shoe blogging of late, usually exciuse of ebing busy. I’ve also noticed that since our office has been moved to the beautiful empire that we have built nin my attic space, i tend to spend less time up there!
Its not coz i don’t like the room. Oh contraire! I love it. But its up a lot of stairs, and most nights, when i am exhausted from working my day job, keeping on top of a household, fulfilling hobbies and giving up some time to creatively help others, i just cant be arsed to separate myself from the 'couch of rest' and walk up a million stairs to sit at a computer.

Sorry blog reader. (is there more than one of you yet?)

But this morning I awoke from a reasonable sleep and thought, Get UP! Get On IT!
I admit I have a couple more shoes to catch up on, but I have to go to real job. That pays.

so here are a few for now...enjoy!

Shameful Leopard Sandal

24th September

Leopard print suede “Viti “ Sandal with classic ankle strap, Jerome C Rousseau.

It surprises me that i like these shoes, because I am not a cat print fan. Giraffe (fake of course) – yes! Snakeskine – yes! Leopard, tiger...hmmm – not so keen.
However i must admit I have a few items in my eclectic wardrobe. The odd scarf, a cow print skirt, some giraffe trousers  (my favourite animal) so I cant admit to being without a little touch of animal print in my life.
But I’m also known to having an aversion to the current need to adorn yourself in leopard print leggings, shirts and scarf’s. All at once. And some of the animal print shoes are just nasty.
But these little beauties I love.
Is it the fact the shape is quite delicate and charming? The fact the black elastic offsets it and tones it down into a more tasteful design?
Or the fact it has an interesting wrap around elastic strap?
Whatever it is I like it and admit if it was in my price range i would buy it.
But its one to go in the “not good enough” pile to warrant me spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on it.
Shame for the leopard too.

Retro Festie' Boots

21st September

Awwww these shoes simply remind me of my dear old mum. Goodness bless her, we miss her so much.
And these boots were made for her. She would have loved them. Hated the price tag but ecstatically accepted it if I bought them for her.

Mum was forever getting converse or doctor marten boots from charity shops and painting them up herself. Some were awesome, some were awful. But i loved the fact that it was what my mum done.
I made clothes. She painted her boots.

However I drew the line the day she painted her crocs. And demanded she never wore them in either my company or outside of the garden.
Simply put I love these boots, I would wear them but I am not sure if its because I truly like them or because they make me think of my mum. Either way they are delightful and definitely festival gear. And they are retro baby!
Hand painted leather boots, late 1900s.

Toy Shoe Sale

19th September
Ever wondered what to do with all those broken toys you have around the house? Kids or no kids you know you have them! Kinder egg toys, cracker inners, freebies with stuff, unwanted gimmick gifts...just stuff that’s stuffed in drawers labelled stuff.
Well why not stick them to a shit pair of shoes and call it fashion?
That’s clearly what happened here. 
I do enjoy the inspiration but the rocking thronged sandal doesn’t not look comfortable or flattering.
They caught my attention for being...can you guess...yes! quirky! 
But then I studied them longer and decided no.
No these are just stupid.
Leather “Toys on sole” rocking platform sandal, with sculptured thong, Naam Ben

Geodesic Green Shoes

17th September

These shoes, are by BFs favourite colour for many things (mountain bike, rucksack, VW campervans & thermos flasks.)
They also appeal to his technical nature as they are of a geodesic design. And they appeal to me coz they are just plain zany.
I like the shape particularly and would love to wear these if I were viewing a Geodesic dome home.
Just to show my admiration for the mathematical structuring. But that is where my appreciation for anything related to mathematics sadly, NO! happily begins and ends.

Usually that appreciation is associated with the cost of and how much i love the shoes, based on beauty vs bargain. However I will proudly admit that the little bit of maths influence demonstrated through these shoes I find rather pleasing. The strap could have been a bit for thematically adventurous. But i suspect the designer hopes that what the straps lack in presentation, the colour gains.
I would buy them, but as much as he likes them, my BF wont. So he says....
Green “Lo Res” Geodesic plastic pump made with 3-D printing technique, United Nude.

Art Deco Python Heel

10th September

Python me rigid!
This shoe bites me!
Its so desirable, so well designed, such a nice blend of metallic, complimented with black piping and a very well thought out and effective style.
I love the edgy peep-toe and heel detail.
I adore the metallic python material and the height and the platform all make this a favourite for Septembers shoe calendar.
I’m away on holiday in October and would dearly love to take these shoes with me, but sadly no generous millionaires read this blog...
Metallic python and black leather “Metropolis Line” peep-toe pump, Chrissie Morris.

Mens Cuban Shoe printed with kinky boots

6th September
The first man shoe that has come to my attention! And its a great shoe with pictures of womens boots in Andy Warhol stylie. These have to be an expression of interest in the ladies leg if ever I’ve seen one. Paying homage to the kinky boot or simply wishing to be in a pair, these Cuban heals are proudly chic and dandy.
Get them on guys!
Digitally printed leather “Crowley” Oxford with Cuban heal, Jeffrey-West.

Super Hero Boots on Fire

Crackle crinkle snap blare boom!

That is the sound of me landing in these boots from my Universe of hot chickadees from planet Fire where I have just saved the lives of millions by kicking my boots and firing flames across all the baddies.
In all reality I would not, however, need to be a super hero to wear these boots. But it may help.
But aren’t they fantastic?
Would you not just feel like a wild girl on fire? Im so hot I sizzle!
I love them.
Can you tell?
Gotta go over some skinny jeans and a bodice. And a gold headband...

Mulitleathered “winged” platform boot, Jan Jansen

Monday, 3 September 2012

Another bling day for the sting ray

Black stingray shoe with cut out vamp and zipped quarter, Diego, Dolcini, 2010.

Todays shoe is bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
And guess what? It’s more of that sting ray material.

I may have declared my favourite shoe of the year already (yet to be surpassed – the Morphogenesis organic wonder) but if this year was a fabric it would be sting ray.

And these fabulous shoes are designed such that they would make any foot look dainty. Something about that undercut platform that makes the arch looks especially high and the toe especially short. Beautiful styling.

I love the cut out vamp and the quarter zip – cute!
But most of all I love them because they are shiny.
Gimme gimme gimme gimme Stingray!

Snake strap shoe

27th August 20120

Platform shoe in snake embossed leather, Jan Jensen, 2011 

Well here is a shoe with a an unusual tail.
How does that ankle strap work? Does it strike out at other inferior shoes as you pass? Does it wrap itself around your ankle and constrict you until your foot falls off? Or does it simply look fabulous and sleekit slithering around your leg?

What ever the answer I would wear these beauties with pride.
I love the modern large stiletto, the platform with piped insert, the blue snake skin leather and especially I love the red tongue like flares. You got to wear these shoes with a dress or a skirt, who would want to cover up these tongues just waiting to lick you into a toxic frenzy?