Thursday, 9 August 2012

Whistle Stop Shoes!

Well people its going to be a whistle stop tour of a whole load of shoes. I was away working on our local festival creations, then we were on our holidays down South in my beloved campervan, with my beloved camperman! And tomorrow I am heading to Loch Lomond for my birthday treat holiday with a best pal. Really, I just can’t stop going on holiday. And the campervan makes it so easy!!

A the collection mentioned below are from shoes from ‘The Shoe Calendar’ that have taken my eyes and my heart from July 16th until the 6th August. Enjoy!

So first up is the Orange ikat “Viola” crossed-strap sandal with black napa trim from A Sophie Gittins, 2011.
I love this shoe because it makes me think of those Mongolian loners who live in yurts and eat nothing but yak meat. These people spend most of their lives hugging and touching each other, they are a very close tactile people, their families have no issues with intimacy or contact. And these shoes make me feel like I have one of their scarves wrapped tight around me. Mongolia cuddle shoes!

Now these little darlings are also quite sexy.
I love the see through zig zag lace and brown leather partitions, just enough of both materials to really punch my buttons and the teeniest of peep toes for a little polished toe or two. Nicholas Kirkwood, Lace platform stiletto with metallic leather zigzag has got this high heeled beauty just right for me.
I can see myself wearing these with a nice slinky pair of jeans or a LBD. They are simply sassy.

Funny how things grow on you isn’t it?
Well actually it would be damn weird if a pair of shoes actually grew on your foot and very prohibiting for the rest of your shoes, but wedges have really wheedled there way into my world of shoes.
I first bought a pair 8 years ago...The only pair I owned for the last eight years.
And even though they have come and gone in fashion i have not bought any more. Neither have they turned my eye. But this year? BOOM!
I am loving the wedges. I valiantly stopped myself from buying a pair last week that were priced at £69.99...which I thought was really good of me. But then along came these little rainbows of strappy heaven and I am smitten again. I think its the playfulness of the colours and the punkyness of the straps. Whatever it is, I love these Mulitleather wedge sandal with dual buckle and zip quarter by Diego Dolcini but I just know they will be more then £69.99

Now these pair of shoes remind me of a special lady in my life who has a penchant for all things black and all things blingy. These shoes remind me of her. She would love these Stilletto sandals with rhinestone buttons and leather straps by Giuseppe Zantotti Design.

And to be quite honest I can imagine me and her in a pair each, cross over the straps, dancing in laps, sharing the rhinestones and loving the naughty but nice status of these little honeys.

Now these next shoes are not just special because they are so damn retro and colourful, nor are they special because they are groovy and suitable for anyone, including clowns. But they are ALSO special because they appear on a Saturday and Sunday page of this shoe calendar. Until now, apart from the odd pair I have made fun of, the shoes that appear on a weekend page have been mostly absolutely disgusting, or non descript or just plain weird. There is definitely a colourful theme going on as until these funky ankle boots a lot of the shoes were reminiscent of Inca moccasin boots or Mongolian snow boots. Big and clunky with lots of fur and the obligatory colours. Built for warmth not style nor finesse. So there must have been a theme for the guys who put the weekend shoes together. But i have to say i like these. They are the kind of fun boot I would wear for comfort, happy that they put rainbows on the end of my feet. Literally.
Ankle Boot with open topline, contrast inset colourblock design, and EVA sole, Renate Volleberg, 1987.

“Mechanical war” art shoe with heel of mechanical elements, Jackie Janowski.
Mechanical war shoes?? Whoa!!
Take me to war, I want a pair of these shoes! 
Oh ok then, take me to an art gallery and I will wear these shoes then.
I just crave them. 
I must admit I have a thing for the quirky and especially chunky shoe, have you noticed? 

So how groovy are these! Such an amazing concept, not war, that could have been omitted. You could align these shoes with the modern day steam punk styling. These are the kind of shoes you build your outfit around, not wear to add little pizzazz, these are the pizzazz! And like so many other spikey healed vicious weapon shoes these chunky mothers could cause some damage if you ever got into a situation where you need to kick, pump and grind someone to a twisted pulp. And if not used for protection you can always use some of the mechanical elements for random DIY projects around your house. Cool!

Now these. Mmmmm these. 
I shudder at the thought that i don’t actually own these. 
Surely these delightful crystal studded bootie with open design and stiletto heal by Giuseppe Zanotti Design were actually made for me. I am bloody sure these are Blueloublou studded booties.
I’ve said it before but I must say it again...
I love them.
I want them.
I miss them now i know they exist and I don’t actually own them. For they are beauty booties.
I can devour with my eyes the swirling cut out design and when i cast my eyes on the gorgeous shimmer blue crystals I just want to count each crystal, one by one, touch them a little bit and exhale seductively. 
These boots were made for walking. Walking right out the shop, hopping on the nearest train and coming home to my hand. Where i will love them endlessly and put them on my feet every day.
Come to mamma!

And last but by no means least are these spectacular beauties. 
They are strange. They are huge. 
They are do I say it...quirky! 
But I just know, no matter how much I try to pretend otherwise, were I in a shop with these I would leave with them. 
The colour is simply fantastic, turquoise shimmer I am going to call them. And i enjoy the unusual step out on the inner of the stiletto. And this step out mirrored from the cut into the shape of the platform. Clever  touch. The peep toe and sweeping open front is delightful, with the criss-cross lace ties. Really pretty, charming  and with a little bit of a growl.

Sculptural lace-up shoe with carved heel and platform, Nicholas Kirkwood.

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