Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tartan bootie what a beauty!

Oh how I wish the picture of this boot had 3D zoom!

I just know I would adore the hook and eye detail down the front. I love a bit of a tartan shoe, nothing to do with living in Scotland I can assure you, because I am not a great lover of tartan table cloths, kilts, tam-o-shanters or bag pipes (ouww my ears!) but I do love a bit of tartan clothing. I have a fantastic pair of trousers I bought in London over 16 years ago before I moved to the Bonnie North, which I purchased from a retro shop in a punk section. They have the obligatory zippers and chains on them and I still have them now, even though they don’t fit fully around my tubby waist (one day again maybe?)
But to me they are a piece of history, and art.

Anyway these boots fascinate me as they are a little contradictive. The tartan suggests punk and strength and aggression, while the thin stiletto heal, the peep toe and the snmall eye to hooks suggest something a little more seductive and delicate. I enjoy the combination. Must get me a pair of these!
Tartan print peep-toe “omega” bootie with hook and eye detail, Jerome C. Rousseau, 2010.

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