Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cat walk wedge

Leopard print pony-skin covered wedge ankle boot, Giuseoppe Zanotti, 2010.

Now these leopard print boots are not especially to my liking but they demonstrate a couple of points...

1. My mad cap CD friend LOVES them and pointed them out to me in a shop the other day. I sneered a little and said, “yeah ok-ish” thinking “OMG! Girl. Trampy!”
2. Considering these boots were on the cat walk in 2010 it has taken just two years for them to be available at a cheap shoe shop in Scotland for just £12.99

Now, I have no doubt these have been available in London or even Carlisle for over a year at various prices. And probably not many places are they real pony skin. But it does make me kinda sad that fashion designs are copied and bastardised to the extent where you can purchase it in your local Factory shoe outlet. Is nothing sacred?
I know we all like (and deserve) to get versions of what we see on the cat walk onto the high street, so we can all afford that cat walk look. But I do wonder why does it happen to everything? Why cant some things remain elusive, special, expensive and out of reach? Where is the yearning? The desire for that one item, that one pair of shoes (not these by the way – god knows why i am making this point with these frankly, hideous boots) but my point is... Sometimes I would like to see some of the fabulousness creasted for the cat walk stay fabulous in the designer shops. I can save like a bitch and buy myself something thats real, not fake. Something thats got quality not quantity written all over it.
And that when I can wear proudly out on the town and I don’t come face to face with someone round the corner in a cheap factory Shoe shop version.
Rant over.

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