Monday, 16 July 2012

Festival Season

Hey my lovely blog readers!

I am unable to continue with my posts on this weeks shoes as I am out of the house making and building at the Wickerman festival.
I shall critique the shoes upon my return and write up anything of great beauty or fugliness.
Murkie and I have spent the last week running around, last minute prepping and doing 'stuff' in a bid to be ready to rock and roll in a field with our crew.
The work starts tomorrow, the party starts Thursday.
I just hope my recently removed wisdom teeth holes heal up, and the antibiotics start to work as I feel crappy from the infection which has crept up into my ears, around my eye socket and down my throat.
Its yucky and it hurts when I do a lot of fun things like, smoke, laugh, smile & jiggle.
Which I hope to be doing a lot of this week.
So come on penicillin do your best! Get me back to fighting best!
let the work go well so we can all rest.
before the partying starts and I am a mess!!!

See you in a week fellow bloggers.
Much love and smiles across the muddy field miles.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bond Boots

At first sight these denim clad boots seem quite plain.
The proportion is good, the structure and the style.
But then you notice the metal trim finish almost protruding from the front toe edge, rather like a cake ribbon or a skirting board.

Complimented by the extra metal chunk on the bottom inch of the skinny heal. And you think to yourself, “now there’s a good pair of kickers!”
Or perhaps a similarity can be drawn to the hideous slash and stab nickname of the infamous ‘footbal knife’, these boots would enable you to make a healthy punt and dunt in your assailant.
Other than some beautifully designed self protection these boots offer simple elegant denim design. And for the extra bonus of the protective metal front and heels I name these boots Bond. Boots Bond.

Denim-finish eather “Cantini” ankle boot with metal trim, Jerome C Rousseau, 2010.

Aztec beauties

Well hello there beautiful Aztec shoe!
Just look at you.
All pretty and delicate yet chunky based too.

I want to wear you with snakeskin knickers & bra and nothing else!
Travel down the Niagara on a throne in a boat rowed by my minions.

Or stand aside the great pyramid deciding who will go into my great crypts, my long multi layered dress flowing in the wind, the sun browning my skin.

This shoe takes me away to a place I have never been but can dream of. A place where people have the time to make teeny things into even smaller mosaics. Where the buildings are impressive and so is the jungle. There are columns and sand blasted relics and me standing among the lot parading around in these shoes (and the afore mentioned long flowing dress, not just my undies)
I want to wear these shoes and dress as an Amazon princess, an Egyptian bride. The only thing that worries me about these stunning shoes, is the calling they will bring to those that love to wear animal print. And I shudder at the idea of these being combined with leopard or tiger print dresses. Its just got to be no. Undies or flowing dresses. That’s all.

 “Saffi” suede and lizardskin platform sandal, Chrissie Morris, 2010.