Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tranny Boot

I know a girl who knows a boy who knows another boy who likes to dress up as a girl who would LOVE these boots.
Even I love these boots. I don’t know why. Call me prissy, if you will. Or girly, if you dare. But these studded pretty boots have a quality and style about them that I would loving wear upon my feet.

Yes, they are quite feminine and I am usually known for my love of things with presence, chunk and growl. But these boots must bring out a lighter, more delicate side in me.

The whole boot is very proportionate. I love the way the lacing doesn’t come down too far and the top strap is very thick, covering the untidiness of a regular tied...dare I say it...Bow tied lace. And the studding is precise yet not too punk, delicate yet not too bling.

I just love them.
And as my tranny friend would definitely say, "Honey they are simply divine!"

Every time i look at them and think of him, dressed as her, in these shoes with the most delightful smile on her face. They make me happy and I know they would make her happy too.

Studded suede lace-up spiked-keeled boot with buckles, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 2010.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hip Hop Flip Flop

May 18th
Flippy floppy hip hoppy.

What a beautifully stylish way to make a flip flop.
I love how the thick snake print strap is aligned in such a position it is also the main structural heel. It does indeed make the shoe look like it is floating without a heel.
I enjoy the simplicity of the design and how the toe loop is in the same snake print material, making this a completely co-ordinated piece.

I would wear this with a summer evening dress or hanging out with my mates in my baggy arab trousers. Its stylish enough to be a posh sandal but cool enough to be hip flip.

I adore this hip hop flip flop.
Snake-print leather “Loop Hi” sandal with floating heel, United Nude, 2010

Monday, 14 May 2012

Python skin wedge

11th May

I’m not usually mad for wedges but this lovely little shoe by Diego Dolcini is so pretty and I love the python material on the wedge so much, that I fell in love.

Is their enough love in that sentence?

It’s a nicely proportionate shoe, with delicate metallic T bar strap and matching edging around the sandal front. I think the large blue and metallic flower petals provide a complimentary scale to the wedge heel.

Overall i really enjoy looking at this shoe, it’s gorgeous material all over and the style. I can’t often resist a T Bar shoe and this one is no different. Although a little surprised I have fallen for a wedge, I am not surprised as I adore the python skin. And for someone with a recovering sprain injury, it’s all the support I need from a glamorous heeled shoe.

Python wedge-heeled sandal with oversize leather flower, Diego Dolcini. 2010

Sling Shot Shoe

May 9th

Now I've heard of people using their stilettos as weapons but this one really does have that in mind.

Its quirky, I will give it that but I do wonder if it would be wearable? Heeled flip flops are not the most easiest of shoe to keep on your foot. But then maybe that’s not the point of this shoe. Its not for walking about in, its for standing in...demurely, being driven about in and when the moment arises, attacking someone with small rocks you have hidden in your equally quirky hand bag.

Maybe this is the shoe for James Bond’s girlfriend?

Leather and wood Sling Shot thong sandal. Kobi Levi, 2010

Window shopping show stopper.

7th May

I have to admit, there isn’t anything particularly spectacular or stunningly unusual about this shoe. But I just had to include it in my collection because I would definitely buy it if I had the chance.

I just love the rusty orange colour, the slim platform and heel and the criss cross style of the shoe. I especially enjoy the three ankle straps and the delicate one right across the bridge of the foot.

All in all this is the kind of shoe that if i saw it from a shop window, it would stop me in my tracks, I would head inside, try it on and buy it. Presuming I could afford it that is!

I don’t know what it is but it has that certain something that makes me go – I want it! 

Suede platform stiletto with patent leather ankle straps, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Glass Art Shoe

A Glass Shoe!

Where is Cinderella?

Sadly this shoe is not for wearing.
This shoe is just for sitting being looked at.

Still, for a shoe lover its a rather nice piece of glass.

Response about Chunky Mother

I noticed I actually had a comment about one of the shoes featured in my blog!
I have a reader!
Hello you!

The shoe in question is by Nicholas Kirkwood. Sadly it is a 2010 shoe so likley to be out of production by now. but you can find other amazing shoes by NK at this address-

Enjoy browsing! And thanks for your comment, your eyes and your time.
Smiles across the miles, wherever / whoever you are!