Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ankle Sprain Pain

All this talk of shoes and I can’t even walk properly at the moment!

Sprained my ankle chasing my friends beautiful 7 year old boy around their stunning garden. Not wearing any shoes, let alone high heels, not running fast or being silly. I simply ran and jumped over a ruler sized bush (30cm) and CRUNCH...there went my ability to walk.

It’s been very painful. I wish I had broken it as I don’t recall being in this much pain when I broke my leg in three places...and at least when I broke my leg I had plaster cast support and two crutches. With a sprain you get no bandages and one crutch.

But it’s not a break, it’s a sprain and a blooming pain it is too.

(As a side note the time I did break my leg was also chasing a child through a grassy play park on the back of the pub my dad was in. I ran down a plastic ladder and when my foot caught on a ridge half way down I tripped and plummeted over the side, conveniently yet amusingly landing on my leg in such a way that my foot dangled over my shoulder – gross and 12 weeks in a full leg cast.)

It’s not until you incapacitate yourself that you realise just how much you take your feet for granted. I mean, we all pamper and nourish our hands, keep the skin moist, protect our little fingers from fairy liquid. We clean the smog and grime off our faces daily. We wash our hair, massage our shoulders and rub our sore eyes. But how often do we pamper our feet?

Especially me as I HATE having my feet touched. I’ve tried reflexology, acupuncture and a rough massage but all of it makes me want to kick someone in the face and get the hell out of there. I even treated myself to a pedicure once, as I wanted happy toes for a holiday. I found the whole thing excruciating and not at all relaxing and although the result was fabulous minx toes and smooth feet, it was not worth the frantic chair gripping, teeth grinding torture I had been put through to get there.

I try my best to exfoliate and pumice my own feet when they have had a good soak in the bath but being more of a quick in and out of the shower kind of girl, I don’t get the chance to soak my feet much.
But this last week of hobbling around, unsteady on my feet, unable to stand for longer than 10 minutes without being racked by pain and putting up with the sheer agony of a healing heel, has made me think long and hard about looking after my feet. It’s such a crucial part of our body, we cannot get around without these feet but it’s so easy to take them for granted.

My poor feet. My poor foot. What can I do to show you how much I really love and need you?
New shoes? Weekly pampering? Foot spa? Painted nails? No more running / jumping / skipping? No...That would be impossible for me! What can I do other than be super conscious of what I am doing with my feet???

I mean I love shoes. I absolutely love love love shoes. I have lots of shoes and many of them with heels. I refuse to reduce the shoes. They are my artistic fetish. Little pieces of art walking about on the end of my feet.
And even though I have a recurring back problem, brought on by the unequal lengths of my legs,(back to the first time I broke my leg) and even though this pain has seen me having chiropody exorcised upon my back to the sounds of cracking and snapping the chiropractor chanting no more heels no more heels, I continue to wear heels. They are me.

But this sprain has stopped me in my tracks. Stopped dead. Red or Dead it’s time to consider the feet a little more. Anything to stop this sore! Being unable to travel and drive is such a bore!

I cannot go through this again. From now on I watch every step, calculate every move and watch what I am doing.
And if all else fails. Stop chasing children around grassy Knowles.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spike heel

Sky-high spike heal with pieced circular multileather upper, Diego Dolcini 2010

Now here is a fabulous shoe that I would love to wear. 
Its big! Its funky! Its got a huge yet feminine heel, its got sex appeal. 

I just adore the different types of leather circular discs that create the main body of the shoe and the slim yet perfectly formed platform. I love the detail around the ankle zipper and the warm strokable colour of the leather. And all those tiny pierced holes on the front disc, so time consuming yet so worth it!

This is a shoe I would feel comfortable wearing on a posh nosh night out, swinging round the dance floor or simply strutting my stuff through town with friends. Its got enough style and chic to be sassy and glamorous but enough subtlety to be worn for any reason – just how I like a shoe to be!!

Scooby-doo Shoe

I look at this shoe and I see a dog.
I see Scooby-doo.
I see a puppy playfully wrapping itself around your foot.
I see laughter and fun. But according to the designer its a cat...
So what would I know?

Suede cat-shaped “Miao” pump with tail ankle strap & leather collar, Kobi Levi, 2010

If I was going to a kids party, I would wear this shoe.
Or a charity benefit for dogs (sorry just cant get to it being a cat)

But that’s about it.
As much as this shoe makes me smile, it also makes me feel a bit scrappy-doo. And nobody really liked him did they?