Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Organic Shoe of my year!

Here it is!
The show stopper shoe (so far) of the year!
If I had to pick one shoe, to buy from this calendar collection, this would be it!


It reminds me of a necklace i fell in love with that I want to have made for the day I may get married. It’s a necklace made from leather, painted silver and stars in the film Underworld on one of the elder vampires. It is organic and swirly with a heavy celtic influence and is really beautiful.

These shoes would match it exactly.

“Morphogenesis” shoe made with 3-D printing process, Pauline van Dongan, 2010
I love the structure, the organic intertwining details not just across the toes and ankles but on the back of the heel. And OH MY GOD! I just realised these shoes are white! I am loving the white shoes from this calendar collection. But this one is my favourite. It nurtures my aesthetics, my eyes are feasting on its shape, the hole in the heel complemented by the organic heel detail. Even the insole is interesting! But it wont stop me putting my feet inside and wearing these shoes.

I just love them. I want them. Have they grown on you?

Have I said enough?

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