Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Denim bootie beauty

Monday 5th March 2012
This boot stood out because it is not unlike what we are seeing on the market right now. Forgive me if i am a couple of years behind, I do reside in Scotland and it is not reknowned for being up to date in the world of fashion. 
I am sure I recognise this boot!

It is cute and adorable. It is perhaps the pioneer of what we are seeing on our high streets now. And I guess because its familiar, I like it. Not that I own a boot like this, nor do I particularly yearn to. But it is an admirable boot.

Chunky heel, the whole boot covered in denim, wrap round straps and brogue style flared tongue over the front. I just love it. 

I can imagine my best friend wearing these, she is a size three so every shoe looks good on her. It as after all the perfect size for presenting a shoe. But she loves a boot and a cute heel and this dainty denim boot reminds me of her.
But you will be surprised to know this shoe is leather!  Clever huh?

Blue denim finish leather “Artemis” boot with belted detail. Jerome C Rousseau, 2010.

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